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Neville Goddard was a spiritual teacher who held the concept that our thoughts and beliefs shape our world. He taught that we can transform our reality by visualising and feeling as if it were already real.

Goddard's teachings are based on the premise that we are all conscious beings, and that our thoughts and beliefs determine our reality. He stated that whatever we believe to be true about ourselves and our reality would finally be proven to be correct.

Goddard also taught that the creative power that shapes our reality is our imagination. He claimed that by visualising and feeling as if it were already real, we may utilise our imagination to create the life we want.

Goddard's ideas influenced the New Thought and Law of Attraction movements. His books and talks are still widely read today, and many people have found his lessons to be useful in living the lives they want.

Mental Diets Summary & Book Review –Neville Goddard

Here are some significant ideas from Neville Goddard's teachings:

  • The Law of Assumption: Argues that whatever we believe to be true about ourselves and our reality will eventually be proven to be true.
  • The Power of Imagination: Goddard felt that our imagination is the creative force that shapes our world.
  • The State Akin to Sleep: This is a state of consciousness characterised by intense relaxation and focus. This mood, according to Goddard, is optimal for practising visualisation and manifestation.
  • Feeling: Goddard thought that emotion was the key to manifestation. He emphasised that in order to manifest our desires, we must feel as if they are already real.

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A mental diet entails replacing negative thoughts with good ones that make you happy and assist you in reaching your objectives. It's a terrific approach to get things done.

You get what you focus on, according to the Law of Attraction. The mental diet is a practise that helps you focus on thoughts that will help you achieve your goals.

Neville Goddard was a well-known New Thought speaker. He believed that our thoughts and imaginations shape our world.

Our inner talks influence our life experiences such as happiness, success, failure, and sadness.

When you speak positively to yourself about a goal or issue, you feel happier and more upbeat. You can also alter your surroundings in order to reach your aim. Many people, however, need to learn how to talk to themselves in order to improve their minds and achieve their goals.

The author, Neville Goddard, shows how the mental diet and the Law of Attraction work together in this book. He believes that a mental diet is a key tool for getting things done.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we attract what we focus on the most, whether it's joy, grief, success, or failure.

In this instance, the mental diet is a crucial tool for inspiring and focusing on good thoughts, which are necessary for your trip to achieving your goals.

Let's look at how to employ the mental diet in conjunction with the Law of Attraction.

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The Law of Attraction

Assume you wish to change jobs. With the Law of Attraction, it is critical to think positively and be joyful, and to concentrate on such thoughts in order to obtain the desired employment as quickly as feasible. A mental diet will really assist you if you do this.

This will give you the impression that by thinking positively and joyfully about your profession, you are automatically erasing those negative and restrictive beliefs from your mind that were keeping you from using it. At the same time, you begin to feel extremely positive, pleased, and confident about your career.

Is there any gap between you and your partner, or is love fading? So, by using it, you can increase your love and camaraderie. To do this, repeat wonderful, cheerful, and joyful times with your partner and focus about their positivity more and more.

By thinking in this manner, you will see that bad thoughts about them appear to be immediately erased from your head, while good and happy thoughts are converted to yours, allowing you to build your relationship and affection for each other.

As a result, you can apply similar strategies to various domains and places to accomplish your desired result. All we need to do is think positively and joyfully about the desired objective, and then take the appropriate action to benefit from the law of attraction.

Combining the Law of Attraction and Mental Diet is a powerful manifestation recipe. It would also be beneficial if you tried it once to check the look, feel, and get the intended result.

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How to Perform a Mental Diet

We need a compelling motive to engage in a mental diet. Do you want to be cheerful or optimistic, or do you want to perform a Mental Diet to reach a certain goal? If you wish to be more positive and happy, take the following steps:

Practise meditation

Do at least 10 minutes of meditation every day. It will aid in your awareness and resolution of what is going on in your head or mind, as well as your ideas. And once you've identified them, replace them with your desired thoughts. It will be simple for you.

Monitoring the thoughts and inner dialogue

The kinds of thoughts that go through your head on a daily basis, as well as the inner talks you have with yourself, should be carefully focused on and monitored to see if those thoughts and inner discussions are desirable or not. If you have desirable thoughts and discussions, preserve them; if not, adapt to employ your desirable thoughts and dialogues.

Change as you wish

Mindfully watch your thoughts, inner discussions, and interactions with people, and maximise the pleasant, happy, and goal-oriented ideas and conversations that you want to have.

If you want to do a mental diet to achieve any goal, you should take the following four steps:


If you want to get a desirable job, employ a mental diet to make it easy for yourself; imagine that you have gotten that job swiftly, and then your friends and family will applaud you. Everyone is overjoyed.

Confirm your accomplishments

Remind yourself of your pleasant interview experience and chat with the interviewer. Tell yourself, "I'm going to get the job" or "I'm going to ace the interview."

Consider discussion and success

Consider how successfully you speak with the interviewer in the interview room, and how confidently you answer everyone, closing the job in your favour. You've gotten the job. And now that you have the job, you are very delighted, as are your loved ones.

Practise till you have a sense of reality

Practise as much as you can to get the job, talk pleasantly, talk happiness, imagination, congratulations, and so on. And, absolutely, it is advantageous.

Diets for the Mind

According to the author, a person's inner talk is crucial in attracting his life; if your inner conversation is the same, your life circumstances will be the same. The first step in improving your outdoor lifestyle is to improve the discussion within.

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The Importance of a Mental Diet

Knowing the significance and applications of a mental diet may prompt the question: Does this happen? Can it attract our optimism, happiness, and desires?

To address this question, consider some examples of people who have used a mental diet and experienced significant changes in their lives.

It was 1955 when writer Neville Goddard met a woman who was dissatisfied with her boss. The lady believed that her employer did not value or respect her. As a result, the lady became dissatisfied with her job, and her supervisor became less engaged than previously. The woman writer came to Goddard for advice on how to solve her dilemma.

First, the author asked the lady what she thought of her boss, and she replied, "Disappointed." So Neville Goddard advised the lady to think only good and cheerful thoughts about her workplace for a few days.

That lady went through this exercise and felt unworthy that she is now looking for a nice employer, and she is also really engaged in her career. Her boss was becoming more patient, understanding, and respectable in his eyes, and the lady's job was improving. So, did their working conditions go from bad to better? It evolved into more ideal circumstances.

And so we witnessed how our inner world influences our outer world.

Assume someone wishes to improve their exterior circumstances, happiness, positivity, ambitions, and so on. The first step in this scenario is to focus on their internal discussions and thoughts and transform them to more desirable positive, cheerful, and goal-oriented ones. All of these accomplishments in the outside world appeared to be simple.

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The Advantages of a Mental Diet

So many advantages demonstrate the Mental Diet's strength and effectiveness. Let us go over some of them.

The first advantage is increased self-awareness

Our mind, spirit, body, and circumstances all benefit from self-awareness. By being attentive of our thoughts, we can attract desirable, positive, and pleasant thoughts to ourselves. We have the ability to keep our thoughts tranquil and our souls pleased by doing so.

And, as previously stated, when our inner world is cheerful, positive, and peaceful, we find happiness, success, and positivity in the outer world, and it becomes easier to live with it.

It has improved your mood

You've noticed that when you talk to yourself in a positive, pleasant tone, you feel better. On the other hand, if you think badly, are disappointed, or do something wrong with someone, you will experience inner dissatisfaction and an increase in internal fighting.

As a result, if we are speaking positively and joyfully to ourselves, our surroundings, and the people around us, we will manifest positive outcomes linked to our purpose. As a result, this activity will aid in maintaining a positive attitude.

Boost your inner good vibrations

Inner positive vibrations are a power that, when used, attracts additional positivity, happiness, and desirable things. And get rid of the unpleasant, annoying, and restricting things that appear to happen on their own.

You've noticed that when you're doing your most obsessive or joyful task, you feel so hopeful that good thoughts automatically enter your mind and negative ones leave. Your priorities are positive work, success, and happiness.

This Mental Diet will assist you in overcoming Monkey Mind

Monkey mind refers to a disordered mind—those who have difficulty focusing on one subject. Instead of focusing on one subject until a specific moment, their minds wander around in borrowed things.

In such a case, we may be concerned for a period of time since we are not focusing on our positive, happy, successful, and desired aspects. However, by following a mental diet, you may replace your monkey mind with a laser focus.

Mental Diet also assists you in becoming more mindful

Mindfulness entails having an engaged mind. An active mind is one that thoroughly observes and analyses a situation in order to make better decisions about what to do.

And, as we all know, decisions shape our life. We can have a significant part in changing our lives if we make better judgements with mindfulness and an active mind.

You may manifest anything with the help of a Mental Diet

Making your desired goals simple is what manifestation is all about. In such cases, a mental diet might assist us in taking better action and thinking positively with a goal in mind. Let's make achieving our aim as simple as possible.

Whether it's to get a job, make more money, be happy, be the happy one with your life partner, be successful in business, or achieve any other objective.

Mental diet also aids in the treatment of disorders such as depression

You've undoubtedly also noticed that increasing stress causes depression. And the Mental Diet, which focuses on Positive Thinking and Happiness, acts just as medicine in this case. So, by focusing on positive, enjoyable, and desirable things through a mental diet, one can quickly overcome an illness like depression.

In this way, several parts of a mental diet can be effective in reaching the desired effects, but only if they are used correctly.

You can also utilise a mental diet to manifest money by following the methods below:

Clear Your Mind of Poverty: To begin, clearing the poverty attitude is required in order to produce more money. Poverty mind refers to thoughts that drive you to live and remain poor. Change your mind to become rich, maintain the thought of remaining affluent, and use such terms more frequently in inner talks. That's "I'm gonna be rich," "I'm gonna be rich," and similar phrases.

Affirm Rich, talk to yourself about becoming rich, think about becoming rich, and tell yourself things like, "More money will solve life's problems", "I can live a perfect lifestyle with more money", "I have the skill to help people with more money", "Money is a perfect thing", "I should earn more money", and talk like this positive thing about money.

Imagine Money Manifesting every day for at least 10 minutes - how much money you want to wish for, how you are working to make more money, how happy and close you are, and how joyful your family is. This allows you to mentally and cognitively attract more money.

Think and feel affluent, get out of debt, think about making more money and continuing to work, think about how you have been happier while earning more money, fulfilling your family's needs and wishes. How are you assisting others? Think about this good and cheerful thinking money to earn more money since, according to the Law of Attraction, you will be able to attract more and more money to your side. So devote as much time as possible to thinking and feeling in order to become more prosperous.

Take the necessary actions for Money Manifestation, see and analyse from your perspective what sort of ideas you should think, what you should say to yourself, and what actions you should take to earn more money and become rich. Determine the essential actions, thoughts, and themes for internal conversations. And begin taking action as soon as feasible in order to draw money to your side and more money for employment. Remember that it may appear difficult at first, but after a few days of practise, it will become second nature to you.

Congratulations on your participation in the game - Congratulation game refers to praising yourself on your success. Talk to a close friend, family member, or partner about your achievement, how much money you will make after some time, and how your lifestyle will improve. Talk about your close friends' ambitions and how happy they will be if they attain them. And you both congratulate each other on reaching your objectives. By doing so, you can easily attract your desired thing, as well as its related pleasant and happy thoughts and situations, according to the law of attraction.

Replay as many discussions as possible, thinking of making more money, chats with a close friend or family friend, or conversations with some unknown person in the outside world; keep this type of conversation in your mind as much as possible. You keep thinking and feeling about it. Practise it before heading to work in the morning, or in your mind on the way to work or before going to sleep in the evening, at lunch for 2-3 minutes, or during the day when you have time.

Relax and believe that money will come to you. Think about the target and perform the necessary action once you've decided on the target and action. By doing so, you will notice that inner negativity and troubles are automatically replaced by positive and cheerful ideas, and you will be moving closer to your desired financial objective by taking the appropriate action. If you continue to perform well psychologically, internally, and in the real action phase, you will most likely meet your intended financial target on or before the due date.

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Let us now look at how we might use affirmations to attract positivity, happiness, and success.

Use the following affirmations to break the cycle of negative thinking:

  • I am happy, healthy, and prosperous
  • My life is improving every day
  • Every step I take leads to unlimited achievement and fulfilment
  • I am a representation of beauty and talent
  • My fortune is constantly on my side
  • I am invincible
  • I am the champion
  • I will achieve whatever I desire, just as others have done
  • I will always maintain my mind calm and understanding
  • I am a powerful creator. That is why I have the ability to design a lovely existence

Use the following affirmations to achieve financial freedom:

  • I attract money
  • I want to make the money I want
  • My earnings will be greater than my expenses
  • I'm naturally drawn to Fortune 500 companies
  • I'm going to learn how to be wealthy
  • I intend to achieve financial independence by performing all necessary tasks
  • I can look at my financial situation without fear
  • Money is a tool that I can utilise to improve my living
  • I intend to use the funds to improve my standard of living
  • I am not concerned about my financial status because I have a strategy to improve it and make it more desired
  • I can broaden the options in my life
  • I eliminate negative thoughts from my life. Because they have no bearing on accomplishing targeted financial goals
  • I am a competent person who can deal with money simply because I am not poor
  • I am following the Wealth Creation

Affirmations to get out of a stressful situation:

  • I am at ease and at peace
  • I'm getting away from stress, from all of my problems and pressures
  • My objective in life is to be tranquil and soul-centered. I am practising Positive and Happy Feelings.

Goal Oriented Affirmations

  • I have a burning desire to achieve my goal.
  • I intend to take all necessary steps to achieve my goal.
  • Nature helps me achieve all of my objectives.
  • In my business, I am both confident and calm.
  • I'm concentrating on my aim.
  • I have the laser concentration and clarity needed to attain my objectives.
  • I am focused and consistent, and I am full of energy and confidence.
  • Every day brings me success.

Friends, these are some mental conditioning techniques and strategies that you may utilise to stay optimistic and happy while achieving your goals. I hope you learned a lot of useful information. Now put them to use in your life and live the life you want.

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Conclusion of Mental Diet

The book finishes with the assertion that our thoughts shape our world. We manifest what we think about. We will experience poor outcomes if we think negative thoughts. We will get positive results if we think optimistic thoughts. By adjusting our thoughts, we may alter our reality. This is not a simple task, but it is doable. It requires time and perseverance.

A mental diet is one method for changing our thoughts. A mental diet is a practise that involves focusing on positive thoughts while avoiding negative ones. We nourish our brains with positive energy when we practise a mental diet. This great energy will eventually show up in our world. When following a mental diet, it is critical to remain patient. Changing our thinking and our reality takes time.

We will eventually see the desired results if we are persistent and consistent.

Mental Diets Book Review

"Mental Diets" is a life-changing self-help book that teaches readers how to cultivate a happy mindset and improve their mental health.

The author delivers significant insights about the power of thoughts and how they shape our life in plain and concise language.

The book walks readers through a series of activities and tactics designed to help them create healthy thought habits and conquer negativity. It emphasises the significance of keeping a balanced mental diet through self-awareness, mindfulness, and thankfulness.

Overall, "Mental Diets" is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their mental health and live a more fulfilling life.

I Am Greatful.

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