Get Epic Shit Done: Free Book Download and Review

 Are you looking for a way to Get a Get Epic Shit Done Pdf Download? Here at this post, I will show you here in this article you will Get Epic Shit Done Pdf for free. "ANKUR WARIKOO" has explained his points through stories from his life which makes the book an enjoyable read.

Ankur depicts a grabbing conversation between a student and a teacher in this engaging book, dealing with 36 critical life topics that we face practically daily. These are the questions we seek for answers to, the ones that keep us from reaching our full potential.{alertdenger}


Get Epic Shit Done PDF

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Ankur Warikoo has come up with an fantastic new novel. It's a book with questions and answers.The book enables you how to do lots of things in life.

Get Epic Shit Done: Free Book Download and Review

Some of the topic includes

  • How to talk to your parents
  • How do I manage my time
  • How to make new friends
  • How to manage your career and life together
  • How to Overcome self-doubt and unleash your true potential
  • How to Set clear goals and create a roadmap for success
  • How to Cultivate resilience and bounce back from setbacks
  • How to Harness the power of effective communication and relationships
  • a lot more….

Ready to maximise your true potential with Ankur Warikoo's 'GET EPIC SHIT DONE' PDF free! This fantastic book is not only just another self-help book; it is a powerful engine for action that will lead you to success and completeness.

Ankur Warikoo, an established entrepreneur and thought leader, reveals his transformational path in 'GET EPIC SHIT DONE.' Book Ankur explains how, as a college student, a basic book with answers to past years' question papers helped him excel in exams. He then applies the same idea to life itself.

GET EPIC SHIT DONE is more than just an inspirational book; it will drastically improve the way you live.

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Description Of Get Epic Shit Done

AuthorAnkur Warikoo
BindingHard Bound
No. of Pages362
Country of OriginIndia
International ShippingYes
Details Of Get Epic Shit Done

Popular Highlights in this book

The sad part is that most people think that their decisions are irreversible. So they spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out the ‘perfect’ decision!

Did you know that body language consists of 55% non-verbal communication, tonality consists of 38% and words only 7%?

About the Author

Ankur Warikoo is an Indian internet entrepreneur and one of the country's leading content creators. DO EPIC SHIT, his first book, went on to become a best-seller. Ankur provides online classes as an educator through his current startup, WebVeda, alongside providing content for his 7M+ social media followers.

Ankur loves mentoring  and is an active angel investor in his spare time. Previously, he founded and worked as CEO of from its establishment in 2015 until 2019. Ankur was previously the founding CEO of Groupon's India division in 2011.

He holds an MBA degree from the Indian School of Business (Class of 2006) where he was awarded the Young Leader Award.

Ankur has been added to Fortune India's 40 Under 40 list, Forbes India's Top 100 Digital Creators list for 2022, LinkedIn India's Top Voices list for 2018, 2019, and 2020, LinkedIn India's Spotlight list, and Business Today's list of India's Top Executives Under 40.

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Download Get Epic Shit Done Pdf Free

Ankur Warikoo Youtube Channel

Warikoo is a serial entrepreneur, a bestselling author and an online educator and he has almost 3 million subscribers.


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