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"The Map to Abundance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Wealth and Prosperity" Book Summary

The Map to Abundance written by Boni Lonnsburry tells us how to achieve abundance. The author explains how we can achieve abundance in our lives throu

 Are you experiencing anxiety about money and questioning your own self-worth? Do you aspire to enhance your financial well-being, but find yourself unable to overcome the barriers holding you back from achieving financial stability?

If this resonates with you, we have some exciting news! We have a fresh summary that can help you tackle these abundance blocks and move forward towards a prosperous financial future.

"The Map to Abundance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Wealth and Prosperity" Book Summary


Before beginning this summary, I want to caution you that reading it may result in a significant improvement in your financial situation. You may experience a steady flow of money and have the ability to live the life you've always wanted. However, to achieve this, you must read this summary carefully and implement the techniques mentioned in your life. After reading this book, millions of people have transformed their financial lives, and you can do the same.

Today, we'll discuss "The Map to Abundance: The No Exceptions Guide to Creating Money, Success, and Bliss" by Boni Lonnsburry. In this book, the author teaches us to change our financial reality by creating a map of abundance that will help us take our natural creative abilities to the next level. We'll learn how to be fully aware and use our natural abilities to attract money and happiness.

The book was published on October 5, 2017, and has inspired many people to transform their lives. The author, Boni Lonnsburry, is an expert in "conscious creation" and has transformed poverty, loneliness, and despair into abundance, love, and joy using the "Law of Attraction." He started a company with an investment of $50 and grew it into a $5 million company. The author teaches us to achieve all that we want in our lives with these qualities.

To better understand the book, we'll discuss it in seven different chapters. Let's begin.

Chapter 1 : You Never Have to Worry About Money Again

According to Sanaya Roman, when you focus on the essence of your desires, the Universe can bring abundance to you in many ways. The author of "The Map to Abundance" shares that she was initially skeptical about not worrying about money, as she had a broke house and huge debts to pay off. However, by focusing on abundance, she was able to make more money than she expected.

To achieve abundance and move forward, the author suggests leaving stress and frustration behind. She shares ways to achieve abundance without worrying about money. The author herself came from a poor family and faced many hardships.

At the age of thirty, she learned about the law of attraction, which transformed her life. Instead of believing that working hard continuously without caring about relationships, family, time, and health can make one rich, she learned how to achieve abundance through doing what she loves and being with loved ones while maintaining good health. This would be true abundance, as one would be grateful for the life they deserve to live.

The author believes that we create our own reality and that it's normal to cancel our universal orders in the beginning. In her book, she teaches readers how to stay true to their essence and achieve abundance.

Step 1: First be happy, be thankful, and feel “like you have it”

In conscious creation, it's not just the time you spend focusing on your dreams that matters. You are constantly putting energy into something every day. If you can find happiness for longer periods throughout the day, it will greatly support your abundance manifestation.

And if you combine happiness with the abundance that already exists in your life, the effect will be doubled. To triple the effect, you must believe that the abundance you seek is already within you. Positivity is as powerful as we are, but you don't have to do it alone. Seek help from those who are more powerful than you.

Step 2: Ask for help

There are individuals in your life and in the world who are willing to assist you. They believe in you more than you believe in yourself. They are always prepared to help you create abundance in your life. However, there are two small rules you must follow at every level of existence in this world:

Rule #1: If you want the help of your unseen friends, you have to ask: They will assist you if you ask. They will do everything in their power to help you achieve your objectives on earth in the best way for your happiness and your soul.

Rule #2: No one else, not even God, will do your work for you: Your unseen friend will not give you abundance on a silver platter. They will not take away the lessons you came to earth to learn, no matter how much your inner self pleads with them. However, if you ask for help, they will come forward, and they will help you. Miracles will happen to you.

There are a few additional things to keep in mind regarding abundance:

  • Conscious creation is not difficult; anyone can do it. We are all born with the ability to improve our lives, and nothing can stop us from doing so. If you remain mindful in your life, you can create abundance for yourself.
  • Be clear: Challenge yourself to gain as much clarity as possible about your thoughts, feelings, and inspirations. If you do not put your all into it, your creations will never reach their full potential, and you will only be harming yourself.
  • Be intimate: You must know yourself better. You will need to be intimate not only with yourself, your emotions, and your desires around abundance, but you will also need to be intimate with money.
  • Knowledge is power: The more you know, the more you will be able to create.
  • Be honest: You can change your world only when you are ready to see, accept, and deal with your world as it truly is. In other words, you can fool yourself some of the time, but you will never be able to change even a small part of your reality.
  • Be patient: When it comes to money, none of us are patient, but you must be patient to complete the process of abundance.
  • Be relentless: You must be a little stubborn; just not giving up will not work. You must be determined to achieve your dreams. Falling is normal, but do not stop until you succeed. If you need help, seek it.
  • Convert your weaknesses into strength, power, and tenacity. This will transform you completely, and you will begin to love, respect, and accept yourself more than ever before.

Chapter 2: Abundance is Your Birthright

According to Mary Manin Morrisey, true abundance is not about accumulating material possessions, but rather about connecting to the divine source of abundance within ourselves, so that we can identify what we need in the moment.

The author of the book "The Map to Abundance" gave gifts to his friends about making money and love, and when they asked which they deserved, he replied that everyone deserves love, money, success, and happiness, regardless of who they are or what they do.

However, many people don't believe they deserve abundance, which blocks them from achieving it. The key to creating abundance is believing that you deserve it.

If you want to use your abundance to make the world a better place, focus on dreaming of a solution to problems rather than using money to fight them. The same applies to helping family and friends; instead of always giving them what they want, help them change negative beliefs that may be holding them back.

After turning 18, it's important to recognize your own potential and avoid becoming dependent on others. By raising your echo to increase abundance, you positively influence those around you and contribute to a better world. Remember: what's good for you is good for the world, so be bountiful!

Chapter 3: What Do You Want ?

Bashar's perspective on abundance centers around the idea that it is the ability to fulfill one's needs at any given moment, rather than simply having a certain amount of money in the bank. He believes that there is no wrong dream when it comes to abundance, and that anything is possible if you have the right mindset.

However, many people have deep-seated beliefs about money and abundance that can hold them back from achieving their goals. In order to truly achieve abundance, it is important to examine and address these beliefs at a conscious, subconscious, and unconscious level.

When you have a clear understanding of what you want and believe that it is possible, you can send a clear message to the universe and attract abundance into your life. By aligning your desires and beliefs, you can create a life of abundance and fulfillment.

When people first learn about conscious creation, many tend to limit their dreams, especially when it comes to money. It's important to know exactly why you need money. Saying things like "I just want a little money" or "I don't need a lot to be happy" can create obstacles in achieving abundance.

To overcome fear and emerge into your power, you must align with your true self:

  • Calm your inner child and detach from negative beliefs.
  • Change negative beliefs preventing you from moving forward.
  • Dream big and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Believe in your entitlement to abundance.

As you move forward, remember:

  • Be an inspiration, not a crutch, for others.
  • Stay positive and forgive yourself for past mistakes.
  • Creating abundance is a skill and an art. The better you feel it, the better you can create it.

Chapter 4: Make "Yourself " Abundant

ccording to Polly Berean Berends, a child's sense of worthiness is the most important need. If you want to achieve abundance, simply setting an intention is not enough. You must move forward in alignment with abundance by connecting with your soul and highest self.

To do this, there are important steps to take:

  1. Forgive your past: Let go of guilt and forgive past mistakes and failures. Don't forget the past, but learn from it and move forward.
  2. Regain your "baby self": If you had negative experiences related to money as a child, you may still carry that energy unconsciously. Connect with your inner child and change that energy.
  3. Align your "child self" with abundance: Meditate and connect with your child self, asking what abundance means to them. Imagine giving them a money-making machine and adopt those thoughts and beliefs as your own.
  4. Work with your adolescent self: Repeat the meditation with your adolescent self and write down their thoughts and beliefs to strengthen your confidence.

By taking these steps, you can align yourself with abundance and create the life you desire.

Chapter 5: Our Faith: The Real Game Changer

The author of the article experienced poverty during his childhood despite his father working overtime. He witnessed his father crying after a fight with his mother, leading him to form certain beliefs about money. He believed that money is difficult to earn, the world is unsafe, one must make sacrifices to earn money, earning money is risky and may lead to loss, and something terrible will happen when one moves on. Additionally, he believed that money can never be enough, nothing is more significant than money, and money holds immense power.

Over time, his perspective on money shifted. He realized that our circumstances shape our views on money and that each individual develops unique beliefs about achieving financial abundance based on their experiences. By aiming to earn money for loved ones to provide a better life, one can shift their external circumstances in alignment with their beliefs.

Chapter 6: Technique: Making Money

Sarah Ban Breathnach once said that it is time to let go of thoughts of scarcity and discover the secrets of the universe, to explore unknown lands, and open new ways to heaven where our souls can soar.

Abundance is like an echo, and by following the map to abundance, you can create an echo of abundance in your life. Ultimately, you will be in a state of infinite abundance and everything will flow to you at the right time. But as you work towards your dream of abundance, you must consciously flow your energy towards it. These techniques can help you move towards that abundant state and manifest specific things in your life.

Start with small dreams and gradually build up to bigger ones. Above all, have fun with it! Here are two techniques to get you started:

The "One Minute Manifesto" technique is very powerful and can be completed in just 8 seconds. To use this technique, pick something you want to achieve and imagine a time when your dream has become a complete reality. Remember how happy you were at that moment. Repeat this exercise whenever you want, each time choosing a different dream.

The "Your Abundant Future Self" technique is related to your future self, who is already living a beautifully abundant life. Meditate on your brightest future and imagine having everything you want in life. Use this technique to increase abundance in your future while finding happiness in your present. Remember that by visualizing a happy future, you can rise to a higher resonance and attract more abundance into your life.

Chapter 7: Abundance Trip-Ups

Buddha's quote, "It is man's own mind, not his enemy, that leads him to evil paths," highlights the power of the mind in shaping one's actions. Similarly, the author believes that intentional creation of money requires increasing one's confidence and trust in oneself. Without trust, it's impossible to manifest abundance.

The author addresses common stumbling blocks people encounter when trying to manifest abundance. One such question is: who creates our abundance? According to the author, we create our own reality regardless of external circumstances or other people's thoughts and actions. Our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings play a significant role in shaping our financial situation and overall life.

Another question people often ask is: who gets the credit for abundance? While it's true that others may have helped us along the way, ultimately, we are the ones who put in the work and made it happen. Therefore, credit for abundance should be shared between ourselves and those who supported us.

Tell your partner you are grateful

It's important to recognize that in some cases, our partners may be a source of abundance in our lives. If this is true for you, it's important to express gratitude to your partner for their contribution. However, it's also important to recognize that ultimately, you are responsible for creating your own abundance, regardless of external circumstances.

Your partner may contribute to your financial situation, but you are the one who is responsible for creating and maintaining an abundance mindset. Remember to be grateful for all sources of abundance in your life, including your partner, and to focus on creating more abundance for yourself.

Negative impact of the people around you

As a beginner in creating abundance, it's normal to feel a bit unsure or doubtful about your ability to do it. Even experienced creators can sometimes be affected by the negativity of others. To overcome this, the author suggests the following:

  1. Stop Blaming: No one can take away your power unless you give them permission to do so. If you're feeling victimized by the negativity around you, you need to add tools to your toolkit to help you maintain your positivity. With each small victory, you'll feel stronger and more capable.
  2. Stop Trying to Change Others: Everyone has their own path to enlightenment. Trust the soul of your loved ones and their higher self to help them reach their own right time. The best way to support them is to focus on your own path and let them choose their own.
  3. Set Boundaries: Boundaries are a way to love yourself and, interestingly, to love others as well. Know your limits, and love yourself for sticking to them.
  4. Visualize Success: Imagine a picture of abundance in your mind, where you have achieved your dreams. Repeat this visualization in your daily life and work towards it.

It's important to remember that comparison can damage our creations. When we compare our abundance or success to others, we take away our energy from our own success. Focus on creating an identity for yourself that cannot be affected by others. Live your own life for yourself and pursue your dreams.


So, friends, we learnt about achieving wealth through this book. The author explains how we can acquire wealth in our lives by following our own aspirations. You may build your own world regardless of where you live or with whom you live. True abundance equates to happiness. So if you are content, you have attained abundance. You do whatever you want. Nothing is out of the question.

You must begin with complete trust in yourself and your actual objectives, and you must be a little stubborn. Begin with simple goals and work your way up to larger goals. You will continue to gain experience and will be able to acquire abundance. We hope you understand the actual meaning of abundance and will follow the author's guide to obtain abundance in your life.



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Education Learn Solution - Best Platform to Explore Books.: "The Map to Abundance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Wealth and Prosperity" Book Summary
"The Map to Abundance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Wealth and Prosperity" Book Summary
The Map to Abundance written by Boni Lonnsburry tells us how to achieve abundance. The author explains how we can achieve abundance in our lives throu
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