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Law of success By Napoleon Hill Book Summary

Napoleon Hill was born in Virginia and began writing articles for the town's newspaper at the age of 13 and became one of America's most famous motiva

Today we will talk about a very good book named The Law of Success, written by Napoleon Hill. This is such a book that can guarantee your success, if you understand all the things given in it and apply it in your life.

Napoleon Hill was born in Virginia and began writing articles for the town's newspaper at the age of 13 and became one of America's most famous motivational writers. His books became the foundation of modern motivation. Especially 'Think and growrich' is one of his best selling books, which has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide till 2015.

Law of success By Napoleon Hill Book Summary

This book is the golden key to the thoughts of the author - it is about those mind powers with which goals can be achieved. After interviewing dozens of businessmen, diplomats, thinkers, and successful people, he distills what he's learned into these 16 lessons from Mastermind and the 15 Laws of Success .

People who are successful in life do three things well; First of all they know what they want to get and they keep it in front of them. Second, they join a group of like-minded people, who are masterminds. Third, they keep moving until they get what they want. You will learn why success follows those who follow the rules.

So let's understand the 15 laws of mastermind and success in detail.


In this chapter, Hill has explained the concept of mastermind. The Mastermind - Discovered, is a new law of psychology that is the foundation stone of all amazing personal achievements. But what exactly is a mastermind? Mastermind is a mind that is formed in collaboration of two or more people, who support each other for the purpose of completing a task.

Hill has thought the introduction very practically, he has explained the structure of the universe, starting with atoms, air and ether, and then showing the vibrations of the mind. Vibration is one of the core pillars of the mastermind because it is very important for every member of the mastermind to be in unity of purpose with each other.

Explaining his unity, Hill explains how the most influential developers of the American industrial economy were either creators or members of masterminds, which gave them the power to improve foundational industries.

Mastermind members

5 main members of mastermind – owner of Ford motor company – Henry Ford, Prolific inventor – Thomas Edison, of Firestone tire company – harvey Firestone, sr of standard oil company. John D Rockfeeler, of US steel corporation – Andrew Carnegie.

So let us now understand the details of the 15 laws i.e. the rules given by Hills and mastermind……

A definite main objective

This rule will teach you how to save yourself the wasted effort that most people put into trying to find their purpose in life. This lesson will teach you how to move away from aimlessness and fix your heart and your grip on one definite thing, the purpose of life.

A definite core objective is much more than a goal, it is a potential reality, a dream that you are committed to making a reality in the foreseeable future.

How to make your main objective a reality? It has 3 steps:

Step 1: Write it down - You start by making your chief aim a reality by writing it down as a short, memorable statement that you can refer to constantly, such as on your phone's note app or on a card. By writing

Step 2: Write your trade as well – Below your objective, write what you are willing to give in exchange for your objective, such as time, money or anything else. It can be helpful to write down some of the sacrifices you are willing to make for a better future.

Step 3: During the Law of Success, repeat your goal 12 times a day. You have to constantly remember your goal until you become obsessed with its achievement (The Law of Success).


Hills, has told about the 6 fears of humanity:

1 – Fear of poverty,

2 – Fear of old age,

3 – Fear of evil,

4 – Fear of losing someone's love,

5 – Fear of disease,

6 – Fear of dying.

How do you deal with these troubling thoughts? You can practice auto-suggestion, also known as self-talk. A person can make his life better with the help of law of attraction. When you start facing your fear with your positive thoughts, then you will find that the more positive you become, the more positive people become a part of your community. Self confidence can either be found or lost. It grows with use and disappears with disuse (The Law of Success).

Savings habit

You should inculcate the habit of saving money, for many reasons. The habit of saving money improves one's overall health, mental and physical. Saving will not only eliminate the fear of poverty, but it will also provide investment opportunities in the future (The Law of Success).

The author describes how borrowing and overspending has affected his own life and the lives of the people he interviews. The first step to saving is to know your income and expenses in the form of a budget. You must be thinking that it is easy to recommend saving, but how much should we actually be saving?

Here Hill has discussed a model after interviewing about 200 people, due to which people who were financially broke, got a lot of success in their money (The Law of Success).

According to this mode, 20% of the total income should be saved, 50% should meet all the basic expenses of the house. Education, entertainment and life insurance should have 10% each.

Initiative and leadership

Hill explains how through initiative and leadership he created the school of advertising and sales (The Law of Success).

To start his school, he needed two things:

1. Start up capital i.e. money and

2. A course to teach to your students.

He had the knowledge to pass on to his students, but no money to start a school. His main objective was to save the money (The Law of Success) to start his school.

Second, he made a detailed plan as to how he would make his goal a reality.

What are the action steps of Hill

  1. write down your definite main objective and
  2. make a detailed plan

Instead of complaining and worrying, Hill took steps to find people who needed his knowledge and had the money to learn marketing and selling. Believing there was a market for his business education, he fought until he finally found his chief aim: a place to teach.

Because there was no digital education through internet at that time, so those who wanted to learn went to college. Hill went to the director of a well-known business college and told him about his course so that the college could attract more students. In exchange for the initial money, the college got Hill's education system (The Law of Success).

The director heartily agreed, and a contract was signed and Hill got his money. In less than a year, Hill returned all the money he had taken from the college, and then Hill ran it alone as a business.

3 steps by which we can take initiative and move forward in leadership:

  1. You have to conquer and break the habit of procrastination.
  2. Encourage those around you to take action and not put things off until tomorrow (The Law of Success).
  3. Develop positive leadership skills that lead to self-determination, freedom, self-development, wisdom, and justice.


The power of Imagination is full of such examples in which if used properly, it can increase anyone's ability up to 10 times. Hill shares the example of a salesperson from many industries who has risen to the top with the help of imagination:

  • Napoleon sold the idea of ​​releasing a reformed prisoner to the Governor of Ohio by imagining why the Governor would free a prisoner.
  • Paul Harris of Chicago sold his first rotary when he imagined a unique way to advertise his legal practice, as traditional marketing was barred by laws (The Law of Success).
  • University of Chicago's Dr. Harper who imagined the donation of John D Rockefeller (The Law of Success).


When you are passionate, you are re-energised for life and passion and with this enthusiasm, you are able to function on less sleep.

Passion gives strength to your actions like an arrow gives strength to a bow to go in the direction you want. Also, you have to avoid fake enthusiasm. Real passion comes from inside a person and not from outside.

Self control

As you understand that passion drives you, it is like clutch. Self control is the other side of the coin. This is the brake and steering, which allow you to stop and change direction. Self control is the balance wheel that you can control your passion and give it the direction where you want it to take you. With this you can become the master of your destiny, the catain of your soul (The Law of Success).

Without proper control, all the previous rules have no meaning. That's why it is important that you have self-discipline. Too much enthusiasm is also not good, so it is better that you keep the handbrake with you. Self-control, that is, master of one's own destiny.

Habit of overpaying

This lesson will teach you how to take advantage of the law of increasing return, which will ensure your return is much higher than the amount of service you have given. No one can become a true leader without learning the habit of doing more and better work than he is paid (The Law of Success).

There are benefits to giving your best even when you don't get the immediate benefits of paying you. When the author was working for the law of success, he was underpaid, while he used to work a lot. But soon after he took his course, he met a colleague of Thomas Edison who introduced him to a judge who was the chairman of the board of the Ford Motor Company, Elbert H. Gary (The Law of Success).

Judge bought the Law of Success course for Ford company employees, and Hill's financial fortunes skyrocketed from there. Many different businesses also bought his course (The Law of Success).

The highest return of investment is achieved when you do more than you are given. People love it when you stick to what you planned and want to reward you more for the passion you put into your work. If you can show your willingness to work, you will automatically set yourself apart from the crowd. Any leader who pays attention to the equality of Output cannot become a good leader (The Law of Success).

Pleasant personality

A charming personality is the most important tool for success. And when it is combined with understanding, you can remove mountains of obstacles. This lesson has made leaders better overnight. It will teach you how to change your personality so that you can adapt to any environment or other person in such a way that you can dominate. It is better to deal with attractive people. Therefore, companies have dress codes and some restrictive policies to make their staff more accessible to customers. A charming man knows how to draw people into his circle (The Law of Success).

Charm and magnetic personality are the weapons with which potential clients can be controlled, so that they trust you more and give you business. A neat appearance can make all the difference. No one wants to talk to a free-spirited and rude person. A sharp mind and charm can break any obstacle in any business. Develop the professional appearance of a successful person, so that success can be easily achieved (The Law of Success).

A welcoming personality is a symbol of success. A charming personality, the art of attracting people to the public – it has that magnetic power that can make all the difference. If you combine such personality with your intelligence then no obstacle will be able to stop you (The Law of Success).

Precautionary statements

Right thinking is one of the essential foundation stones of success. This lesson will teach you how to separate 'facts' from 'information'. It will teach you how to divide known facts into two classes: important and unimportant. This will teach you to build a definite action plan out of facts (The Law of Success).

Surround yourself with people who are just as hungry for accurate knowledge as you are. It is very good to get the power of mentorship. It is right to make a mastermind. Because of this you move towards success. Success comes from success.

In a world full of misinformation and fake news, it's not easy to separate fact from opinion. A sharp thinker, acts on data, not emotions. You should also divide the facts into two parts.

1 – Important and Relevant

2 – unimportant and irrelevant


Concentration teaches you how to focus on one subject at a time until you figure out how to master that subject. It will teach you how to be friend of others, so that you can use their complete knowledge for your plan and purpose. With this, you will get information about the forces near you, and you will see how to use these forces for your purpose (The Law of Success).

When you have laser beam focus, you achieve success quickly because your actions are in one direction. When you do not have a definite purpose, you wander here and there (The Law of Success).

Fix a target and go. Success leaves footprints. It is your duty to find those marks until you reach your destination (The Law of Success).


Cooperation will teach you teamwork. This lesson will teach you how to combine your hard work with the hard work of others, so that the jealousy and fighting will end. You will discover how to apply what people in that business have learned (The Law of Success).

Create your own circle of success minded people, which is called mastermind. People who will constantly inspire you to succeed. Before that think what you will give to these people in return. Sometimes it's good to have someone on the lonely road to the top, but choose the people you take with you (The Law of Success).

Your hunger, your drive and persistence should resonate with your team. Leave lazy friends. Support your team of success hunters the way they support you. Coordinate your action and give energy to each other so that you can get more and more motivated everyday (The Law of Success).


The Advantage of Failure will teach you how to turn your past and future failures and mistakes into stepping stones. This will tell you the difference between failure and temporary defeat, a difference which is very important and important. You will also learn how to take advantage of your own and other's failures from this (The Law of Success).

Most of the failures are only temporary defeats. The bigger steps you take, the more you'll learn which techniques will work and which won't (The Law of Success).

Separate the wheat from the chaff. Act only when you have made strategies. Early failure is a proven technique for getting ahead in anything. Remember, initial failure, because you have to learn from your mistakes too, so that your next steps will be different. The next steps will get you closer to success. There is no such thing as a perfect person. We make mistakes as humans. It is wise to learn from our mistakes, until we fall and get up and take the next step wisely (The Law of Success).


Tolerance will teach you how to avoid the pernicious effects of racial and religious strife, which draw millions of people into this futile war. This poisons his own mind, and he closes the door to inquiry and reason (The Law of Success).

The reason this lesson is as accurate thinking as it is, is that one cannot become an accurate thinker without learning tolerance. Intolerance closes the book of wisdom. Intolerance makes enemies of those who should be friends. It kills opportunity and fills the mind with doubt.

Avoid ignorance. Increase tolerance. Open your mind to people of different fortunes, cultures, religions and lifestyles. Don't get drowned in the poison of hatred. You will live your life more like a maze if you accept that every person is different and everyone's style is unique (The Law of Success).

Golden rule

By learning the Golden Rule, you will understand how to use the great universal laws of human beings, that you can easily get coordination of any individual or group. The lack of understanding of the Golden Rule philosophy is the reason for the failure of millions of people (The Law of Success).

When you master these 15 laws, which should take you 15 to 30 weeks, you will be able to create the power that will allow you to achieve your defined main goal. The purpose of these 15 laws is to organize all your knowledge that you have and what you will get in the future, so that you can convert this knowledge into power (The Law of Success).


We have heard this a million times that with knowledge you can win the world. When we talk of real knowledge, we can take life-experiences into account. Lean on the Try-fail cycle, not on what other people say.

If you follow all these rules then you will get success soon. As long as we know what to do and why to do it, the human mind will freeze. This is actually the thing that keeps you stuck in the same boring job and life. Break the shackles of this sloth and catch the world with its first sparkle. Learn, move on and open your mind. In simple words, you have to be flexible and experiment until you find the life changing formula (The Law of Success).



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Education Learn Solution - Best Platform to Explore Books.: Law of success By Napoleon Hill Book Summary
Law of success By Napoleon Hill Book Summary
Napoleon Hill was born in Virginia and began writing articles for the town's newspaper at the age of 13 and became one of America's most famous motiva
Education Learn Solution - Best Platform to Explore Books.
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