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Kaizen: The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time By Sarah Harvey Book Summary

  What is Kaizen? How does Kaizen technique work?  We will understand all this from Sarah Harvey's book Kaizen (kaizen) The Japanese Met...

 What is Kaizen? How does Kaizen technique work? We will understand all this from Sarah Harvey's book Kaizen (kaizen) The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time.

Sarah Harvey's book Kaizen teaches us about personal life and a flexible approach that everyone can use to make needed changes in health, money, relationships, and many other life areas.

Kaizen: The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time By Sarah Harvey Book Summary

To whom is this helpful?

this book is for them

  1. Which is interesting to learn about Japan and Eastern thought.
  2. Those who want to change their old habits.
  3. Those who want to make better changes in their life but they are not able to understand where to start.
  4. Who learned many ways to improve themselves, but none of them are working for them in their personal life. He wants to learn some methods that work for him in personal life and flexible approach that he can benefit from.

Kaizen means big improvement from small improvement. The Kaizen method inspires you to set personal goals for yourself to change. Start small and move towards big goals one by one.

To take advantage of Kaizen in companies, make small goals in the necessary part of the company and achieve them and move towards big ones. 

The root of Kaizen, meaning the main lesson of Kaizen, is that according to this, we should improve every important aspect in life and improve it by focusing on one small task at a time. After that one should proceed towards the other side.

If we talk about the history of Kaizen, it was born after the devastation of the Second World War. When America's atomic bomb caused a lot of damage in Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan. After that, after so much devastation in Japan, nothing happened properly for 5 years, but after that, by using this technique, Japan first of all reformed its textile industry and every small part of it While improving, improving these, in the next 10 years, he became the number 1 company in the field of clothing. 

After that, Japan took its step in the automobile field and by adopting the same technology in the automobile field as well, keeping in mind every small part of every small part, improving them, in the next 10 years it became the world's leading automobile manufacturer. Became one of the number 1 automobile field. 

And Japan, adopting this same Kaizen method, is number 1 in the world in many fields of business and we all know about its success today. Whether it is their advanced technology, robots or anything else, we all know their success, which has been achieved by adopting this method. 

According to the Kaizen method of improving the company sector in Japan, at least two suggestions are taken from each employee to improve the company throughout the year and the best 100 suggestions are adopted to improve the company. goes. 

Similarly, if you want to use this method to improve yourself, make small improvements in essential and different aspects of life that you can feel and see. Like if you want to be healthy, then make a small improvement in the food, improve the way of thinking. To move forward in the same way to move forward towards success, make small changes in your work which you can see. This is the Kaizen advice that has helped companies and many great people succeed and will help you too.

How to start it?

The best thing about Kaizen is that once you know how to use it, it becomes flexible and personal to you, which you can use in any aspect of your life to improve it. Huh. 

The Kaizen method does not allow one to depend on any one method, so it should be adopted by everyone, no matter what the circumstances. Rather, according to Kaizen method, first of all we have to see our problem, feel the smallest problem and make small improvements to find out its small solution and keep doing small improvements continuously, so that one day it May the problem be completely cured and you get the things you want. 

If understood in easy language, then find the problem of any part of your life. It could be the health aspect, it could be the thinking, it could be the money sector. Relationships can happen. In this way find problems in the part of life.

On the health side, if you want to be more healthy, follow the necessary eating plan, do the necessary exercise, and start small. Make improvements one by one until you reach your desired health goal. 

Similarly, for happy and successful thinking, start thinking small positive and happy thoughts full of happiness. Think of them in every active situation of yours and keep increasing them continuously. As positive and happy thoughts increase, you will feel that success and happiness are increasing in your life.

Similarly, if there is a money-related problem in your life right now, there is a shortage of money, then start with small steps to fix it and make more money. Save minimum, invest minimum and read books to gain necessary information, even starting with reading one page a day.

By learning how to save, invest, get rich like this, and taking small steps, keep improving and you will find that after a few months or years, you will be able to fix your money problems. He is also successful in achieving his desired financial goals. 

Like an optimist, always think how you can have the things you want, instead of thinking I can't have them. 

Application of Kaizen in Health

Using the Kaizen approach to health means making small improvements to improve your health. Improving health includes everything from increasing your weight, to reducing it, to building a healthy body.

For this, first start exercising everyday. Start your workout with walking. Start with walking as little as you can in the shortest possible time, then start running, even if it's just 100 or 200 meters in the beginning. Start by doing exercises like plank and juggling. Exercise includes morning walk, running and essential exercise, walking to the market to pick up the goods and dance. 

Apart from this, increase healthy eating, green vegetables, cashew nuts and avoid fast food in the necessary food to stay healthy.

According to Kaizen, in the beginning keep improving walking, running and eating from time to time, improve the walking and running time over time and improve the speed.

Along with this, sleep well, get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and start feeling healthy, because the healthier you feel, the more healthy hormones will be produced inside you, which will go a long way in becoming and staying healthy. are going to do.

Also talk about eating healthy. Drink water as much as possible. Start small and keep improving it over time. To keep yourself on track and check your progress, you can use technology such as timers or to-do list apps. Try to maintain the water level in the body, eat more and more watery fruits, such as oranges etc. 

The Kaizen method says that in order to stay healthy, eat as much as you can for breakfast, a little less than that for lunch and a minimum for dinner, and go to bed on time. As we all know, eating healthy can stay healthy, so add more and more healthy food like, banana, apple etc in your breakfast, lunch and dinner and in your diet plan . 

Avoid eating too much sugar, because it has been scientifically proven that eating too much sugar or sugar causes problems in our blood circulation, which harms both mental and physical health. Check your food for a discipline plan, how much bread and how many fruits, vegetables you have to eat in breakfast. Similarly for lunch and dinner and so on at other times. 

Start by taking small actions with exercise and diet, making continuous improvements, and work your way towards your desired goal. 

Using Kaizen at Work

In this chapter, we are going to talk about how you can improve your work environment by using Kaizen method, how to be good at your work and how to be good at your work, You can get your desired result. 

Use these methods to improve your workplace using the Kaizen method. Under normal circumstances, work outside in the sky area or use such white light in the room, so that there is maximum white color there. Put positive and success related photos around you. Plant trees around the work place to keep the environment healthy and good. The most important thing that we all know is to maintain cleanliness. 

Apart from this, to stay active in your work and to make the most of your free time, do small exercises or take a walk outside in your free time. Read books on how to be positive and happy, or talk to someone who makes you happy to talk to.

Meditate for 5 minutes during lunch break to calm your mind and focus on work. For this, sit in a quiet place during lunch time, close your eyes and set a 5-minute timer alarm on your mobile. Pay attention to your breath, slowly inhale and exhale slowly. As you begin to become aware of your breath and emotions, your focus at work increases.

In this way, after the time is over, slowly open your eyes, rub both your hands and look at your hands first. Then slowly take your hands away from the eyes and feel the calm. By doing this you will feel calm and focused. 

If you want to improve your work day, get the results you want while doing your job with fun, then maintain work-life balance. Meaning, along with work, give time to other things in life like health and relationships. This increases the happy hormones in our brain, resulting in increased productivity and focus, more likely to be at work than before. Work collaboratively with your team as much as possible.

Try to work in a company whose ethics you like. Do the work of your choice because according to the IKIGAI method, which is an important secret of Japanese people's success, by doing the work of your mind, our ability to work and our chances of being successful increase 80% to 90% more than before. . Check your target and achieve it. Take the necessary break time from time to time and try to do the work with fun.

To improve your work, start these methods with small steps according to your own and keep improving continuously. 

Using the Kaizen Method to Make Money

According to the Kaizen method about this, you start with small savings and investments according to your situation at your level and keep improving it over time, so that you can be free from money worries, become rich and increase your net worth. There will be a lot of help in increasing the worth.

For this, first of all look at your expenses, where do you spend how much money? How much money do you spend in saving? How much money do you invest? And how much money is spent in liability? How much money do you spend in a month on running life etc. Before making every expenditure ask yourself the question why do I have to spend it? If you get a beneficial answer, an answer that helps you improve your money life, then spend it, otherwise leave it.

Use an online money tracking app to manage your expenses. After every expense, write that expense in the app, every week see your whole week's expenses, make a plan to do every necessary expense again and don't do unnecessary expenses next time, in the same way for a month Also apply for

To increase the savings, first of all see your essential expenses like rent, food, medicine etc. from where you are buying it. If things of the same quality are found cheaper elsewhere, then start buying from there. Although it may take some time investment in the beginning to find it, but sometime you will see the fruits of your monthly savings in the form of huge savings, so invest time as needed.

As we all know money is hard earned so don't be shy to bargain while spending it, bargain where you feel the price is high, because even if ₹ 10 is saved it will go somewhere are going to help you become rich.

After saving money, invest it in a profitable asset, so that you can earn more money while keeping your money safe, for this, get the necessary money related information, for this you can read books related to money management and financial data like stock Keep watching the sites and newspapers related to market etc.

Make short term, mid term and long term goals of your earning, saving, investing, spending, net worth etc. Initially start with as small as you can and keep improving it from time to time, till until you get the results you want. 

Using Kaizen Method for Home Management and Decor

In this Kaizen method of home management and decoration, we are going to know how to keep things in your house properly? And manage them, so that there is maximum space in the house and things can be kept properly when needed. 

To keep clothes properly, keep similar clothes like shirts, t-shirts, pants, similar clothes in one place, and reuse them as much as possible, which also benefits money. Is. 

To keep your books, newspapers etc. properly, first of all be realistic that which books are really necessary and beneficial for you? And after thinking it over, keep only the useful books and magazines, sell everything else. So that the necessary space is left in the house.

Apart from this, use them to reduce the precious space of the house from different unnecessary, unnecessary things and get the most out of them. Think how you can use it for your benefit like old battery etc.

Emotional things, means such things to which you have an emotional attachment, think about that also with a little mental awareness, instead of thinking only with feelings. Think whether it is necessary for you to own those things right now? Is it beneficial to you or any other member of the household?

Can there be any harm if you don't use it? If not, then be mentally aware and sell them, so that the valuable space of the house is saved and you can get benefit from them by keeping the important emotional things with you.

To increase the space in the house, always plan during maintenance in such a way that sunlight and air can come easily and well in the house. For this, try to keep separate belongings, things of your personal life divided. Try to keep things of one need and one color together.

As we said earlier that doing this saves time, space and energy. You will be able to use it for some very important work. Last but not the least, like your work place, keep perfume or aromatic things in your home to feel good at home so that the fragrance remains in the house. 

These are some of the Kaizen methods to manage your home which you can start small and improve over time as per your convenience. 

Kaizen Methods and Relationships

Relationship is such an important part of every human life, which plays an important role in increasing our happiness, feelings and energy. In other words, they play a very important role in driving our success.

So it is very important that we are in relationships with the right people. Are you in a relationship with the right person, is it benefiting you or will it be in the future? To know this, answer yourself some questions like this

  • Is this person participating equally in the relationship with me?
  • Is his being in my life adding any value to my life?
  • Do I feel great? When am I with them?
  • Do I feel free with them?

If you get positive or positive answers to these questions, then hope that your relationship with them is very good and going to be good in future. That's why build a strong relationship with them and if the answers to its questions are negative or negative, then distance yourself from that person as soon as possible. 

The first way to improve your relationships is to adopt gratitude. Say thank you to that person for your genuine help and appreciate it sincerely. Every night while writing thank that person also, take whatever little action you can take for their happiness and success. Do every little thing to make both of you feel happy and free.

Follow these steps to turn difficult relationships into happy ones. First of all, understand their words carefully and advise them also and speak clearly whatever is in the heart. Tell the person in front clearly in a nice tone. If you feel that the mistake is yours, then to make the relationship happy, be happy by apologizing, remembering the good days together and promising to be together with each other in the future.

Also connect with like-minded or like-minded groups to meet new people and make friends. Hang out with people like that, interact with them, and engage in conversation with them. 

The most important relationship with all of these is the relationship with oneself, it says that a person who can make a good relationship with himself, who can love himself, can love everyone in the world. So to love yourself, treat your body and your inner voice like the truest and best friend that you really are. Listen to your inner voice, whatever you promise yourself, appreciate it and fulfill it.

Be kind to yourself, don't do any wrong to yourself. Apart from this, to keep yourself physically and mentally strong, give yourself small challenges and overcome them to achieve the desired goal. 

In this way, to build and maintain good relationships with yourself and people, start with these Kaizen methods at the smallest level according to your situation and improve it over time to achieve your desired goal. 

Hobby with Kaizen Method 

These methods can help you a lot to identify and pursue your passion.

  • First of all ask yourself the question why do you want to do this work?
  • Then see what was your passion in childhood?
  • Looking at the hobbies of childhood and today, choose your most favorite work.
  • Determine what your hobby is.
  • Then explain clearly why you are motivated to do it.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable doing this job.

If you get the answers to these questions in the affirmative, then start following your hobby and work on it with focus for at least 1 year, so that you start seeing and feeling the desired results. 

You must have seen many people, they say that, I am starting the work of my passion, but after a few days or months of starting work, they do not feel like doing that work. This is because they may not know or follow the Kaizen method. But now that we are talking about it, let us know that after identifying your passion, how to stick with it?

Start working with small tasks for your hobby and give some time everyday to your favorite work. Start it with the most favorite work related to your favorite work. 

Along with this, measure your favorite work, progress in it, measure the results you get from your important work and see if you are moving towards your desired goal? If yes then keep going like this and if no then change your ways.

Similarly, to adopt new habits, start from small level and make that habit by continuously improving. 

So friends, in this way we talked about Kaizen method here, according to which you can improve every area of ​​life by starting with small improvements and achieve your desired goal. We hope you learned a lot of important things. Now adopt them in your life and fulfill your desired dreams by improving the essential parts of your life. 



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Education Learn Solution - Best Platform to Explore Books.: Kaizen: The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time By Sarah Harvey Book Summary
Kaizen: The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time By Sarah Harvey Book Summary
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