Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life By Shakti Gawain Book Summary

 Today we will know about such a powerful book, from which you will understand the power of Creative Visualization. The name of this book is - “Creative Visualization – Harness the Power of Imagination” written by Shakti Gawain.

This book teaches us how to harness the power of our imagination to create what we want in life, and how to use mental imagery and affirmations to bring about positive change. Today, creative visualization techniques are used in the areas of health, athletics, business, education, and the creative arts.

Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life By Shakti Gawain Book Summary

This book is divided into 6 parts, which we explain in detail one by one.

Basics of Creative Visualization

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is a technique that uses imagination. Using it, we can create the change we want in our lives. This is our natural imagination. Chromatistic energy that we are always using, whether we are conscious of it or not.

In this book, we show you how to use your natural creative imagination in the most conscious way possible. With this technique we can get what we want, love, clarification, joy or extended relationship. Using Creative Visualization, we will learn how to enter through Natural Goodness and Abundance (Creative Visualization).

Imagination is the ability by which we can create ideas, mental pictures or feel something. In creative visualization, we can create clear images, express ideas and desires with the help of imagination. Then you focus on that thought, feel it, picture it in your mind daily. In this way, you give that thing a real reality by giving it positive energy (creative visualization).

For example, right now you don't work at all at your current job. If you feel working is right for you, then there are a few factors that need to get better; So imagine those improvements. If it didn't work out or you feel you should find a new job, focus on and visualize the future employment situation you desire (creative visualization).

You stay in a deep relaxed, calm, meditative state. Imagine that you are working in your ideal job position. Visualize twice in the same day or whenever you make a statement about it. If both your desire and intention are clear, then you are ready for change. And changes are good, that you will get the work you want to do very quickly (Creative Visualization).

How does creative visualization work?

If you fill, you must fill these useful principles:

Our physical universe is energy.

Well understood, our physical universe is not made of any 'matter'; Its basic component is a kind of force, or we can call it energy. Physically, we are all energy, and everything that is inside us, or around us, is only made of energy. All types of energy are interlinked and affect each other (Creative Visualization).

Energy is magnetic.

There is a law of electricity: electricity or companies of a certain quality, attract similar kind of energy and companies. Thought and vision, both have their own magnetic energy, which helps to attract their like nature.

Form follows idea.

Thought is a sharp, light, small form (form) of electricity. Thought appears immediately, in any dense form, as compared to matter. When we create something, first of all we make it thoughtfully in form (Creative Visualization).

Radiation and the Law of Attraction (Radiation and the Law of Attraction)

It is a principle that whenever you give something to the universe, the universe gives you the same thing back. "As you sow, so shall you reap". When we are negative and fearful, insecure or anxious, we tend to feel anyway, attracting situations and people that we avoid.

A Simple Exercise in Creative Visualization

Understand the basic technique of creative visualization. First, think of something you love. For this exercise, you are given some simple ones that you can easily imagine. It may be that there is an object that you desire, or it may be an event that you wish to manifest, it may be a situation in which you wish to see yourself, or something that you wish to manifest in yourself. Want to improve in life (Creative Visualization).

You go in any comfortable position. In a quiet place where no one disturbs you. Now relax your body completely. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Count slowly, from ten to one. As you count down one by one, you have to feel yourself deeply (Creative Visualization).

When you feel deeply relaxed, then you have to visualize the things that you absolutely must give up in your life. If it is a fact, imagine myself with that fact, using it, enjoying it, showing it to my friends.

Take this process for as long as you enjoy it. It could be 5 minutes or half an hour. Repeat this exercise daily until you can do it (creative visualization).

rest is important

When you begin learning creative visualization, it is important that you remain deeply relaxed. When your body and mind are deeply relaxed, your brain wave pattern actually varies which slows down. The deeper, slower level is called the "alpha level", while your always busy consciousness (busy consciousness) is called the "beta level" (creative visualization).

The alpha level is said to be a very healthy state of consciousness, because from this state, both the mind and body are deeply relaxed. In particular, creative visualization is best done at night before bedtime and immediately after waking up in the morning. Because at this time, both the mind and the body are at their peak, relaxed and highly receptive.

How to do?

Many people don't understand what "visualise" really means. Some people are troubled because when they visualize with their eyes closed, they do not see a mental picture or image. When some people try to visualize for the first time, they feel that "nothing is happening". Don't sit with the word. It is not at all, that your mental image must be visible.

Close your eyes and feel deeply relaxed. Think of things you know, like your bedroom or living room. Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in a chair, or asleep on the view. Try to remember that experience, and enjoy those relaxing experiences. And whatever you did just now, to get the image in your mind, how it is called "visualization".

4 Steps to Effective Creative Visualization:

Step 1. Set your goal for something you want to have, work towards, or create. Be it on any level, be it a job, home, relationship, or any change in yourself, a healthy mind, a healthy body, beauty, providing for a family or whatever. Choose goals that are straightforward, that you can easily believe in. You feel that you will easily complete that work in minimum time.

Step 2. Create a clear idea, or feeling, of an object or situation as exactly what you need. You have that stamp in the present tense, as it exists in your life right now.

Step 3. Now focus on your thought or mental picture. Focus on both the things during meditation. And casually you can think about it whenever it's on your mind. And in the same way, it will become a part of your life, it will become a kind of reality for you, and you will project it into life very well (creative visualization).

Step 4. Now give it positive energy. Now when you focus on your goal, it has a positive stamp about it, in an encouraging way. Make concrete positive resolutions for yourself: My goal exists, it is coming to me or it will come soon. See it near you, or get it. And keep doing this until you achieve your goal (creative visualization).

Using Creative Visualization
The basic technique of creative visualization is not difficult at all. The important thing is that you should use the right one that works for you. And this is what helps in bringing positive changes in your life.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to do creative visualization regularly. You must have an attention span of 15 minutes, for regular creative visualization. After waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night. And if you can manage, do it once in the afternoon as well. your attention span (attention span); Begin with deep relaxation, then you can do any visualization or affirmation you wish.

In my growth process with creative visualization, I've found two things to be most important.

Read motivational and helpful books daily. And these books will help you stay in touch with your mentors.
You should have a friend or a friend community to go to, in which everyone, even more emphasis, learn new things. And only such friends, will help you move forward in life and will try to move you forward with you.
We can understand our life in three aspects, and we can call that shading as being, becoming, doing, and being. Being alive, and being conscious is the most basic experience. This experience comes to us when we are fully focusing on the present moment. An experience that we feel ourselves to be completely.

To 'do' means to do an action or an activity. Creative energy is the root of nature, which is flowing in every living thing. It is the source, a strong and active energy. 'Being' is a state in which every human being is in relation to every other human being. It is a capacity that can allow and accept anything. and all the people we have in our lives; They can live comfortably in the same place.

three essential elements (elements)

There are 3 things in us that determine, in any case, that creative visualization accounts will work for us:

Desire – You are going to have a true desire, or you can choose to visualize what you want. Declaration to self, "Do I really, with all my heart, want to take this wish?"
Belief – The more you believe in your goal, the more determined you will be to make it happen. Resolution to yourself, "Do I believe that this goal can be turned into reality?" and "Do I believe that I want to have it or can receive it."
Acceptance - You must always be willing to accept and accept whatever you are getting.
If these 3 elements are combined together, we can call it "intention". When we have a strong intention to make something happen, at the same time we can feel this desire deeply, you wholeheartedly believe that you can. And you desire the most to get what you desire.

One of the most effective ways to use creative visualization is Spirit of the Way of Tao, it means "go with the flow (go with the flow)." Wherever you're going, you don't have to put in any extra effort at all; You have to keep clear in the simple mind, that you have said, and till you go, you have to follow the flow of the river with patience. Going with the flow means catching your targets by the light, even if it's necessary. And be ready to change that.

If you have too many overwhelming emotions, you will end up working against yourself in order to achieve that goal. In your fear, you don't quite understand what you need, you are actually giving energy to the thought that you don't need it at all.

Developing a sense of richness is a very important part of the creative imagination process. This means, you must understand or can consciously graph an attitude, which is

– “The universe is boutique matra me hai (The universe is in abundance).”

All the things you really need, or want to ask for; So you just need to believe and accept that.

The biggest reason we fail to get what we want is “deficiency programming.” It is an attitude, or set of beliefs, about life. It's based on some myth about how the universe works, or some metaphysical theory. The truth about this earth is that it is a very nice, beautiful, grain. Only "evil" comes when there is little understanding of the truth.

Meditation and Affirmation (Meditation and Affirmation)
Sit comfortably with your back straight, cross-legged on an uncomfortable chair or on the floor. Close your eyes, and slowly take a deep breath, counting from ten to one. As you count, you will feel an even deeper sense of relaxation. With this meditation, you will strike a fine balance, between the cosmic energy, imagination and imagination.

With this meditation, you can cleanse and heal your body, which keeps your energy flowing. Imagine, right above your head, a large golden sphere shining. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You have to do this 5 times and your focus should be on the light of the sphere. Feel that golden sphere radiating light from your head itself.

A sanctuary has been created inside you, which means, a natural sanctuary, where you can go whenever you want. With creative visualization, you can create a nature reserve. In that reserve, you can go anywhere. Close your eyes and relax in a comfortable position. Imagine yourself in some very beautiful nature place.

It could be the top of a mountain, or a forest by the sea. It can be a place inside an ocean, or even a different planet. You just want to feel comfortable, cool and good. Now imagine all that makes you feel at home and comfortable.

The source of ultimate knowledge and wisdom is hidden within everyone. It comes to us from your ignorant mind, which is always in union with the Universal Intelligence. Your inner guide is a higher version of who we are now. And it can come in any form, but usually it just comes in the form of a human or an understanding friend.

Special Techniques (Special Techniques)
A Creative Visualization Notebook:

Maintaining a notebook daily is a great idea to practice creative visualization. You can write whatever you want in that notebook as an affirmation. Likewise, you have more how to make your notebook even more useful.

Like writing down your own dreams, goals and fantasies, maintaining your own journal, pasting motivational thoughts, ideas, quotes in that notebook. You can also choose songs that relate to your goal, that will motivate you to reach that goal, and more.

There are some tips, so that you can write the notebook well:

Affirmations – You can write down the affirmations you write down in a notebook. You can make a list by writing it well one by one on a page.
Outflow List - Things that make up the list, allowing your body's energy to flow out to the universe and reach the rest. You send these energies to the outside world only with a specific goal.
Success List- Make a list of such things in which you were successful, or in your life, successfully completed some work very well.
Appreciation List - Make a list of the clothes you're obsessed with and, in your life, the things that are most visible.
Fantasies and creative ideas - Write down some ideas, plans or dreams of your future in the list, or ideas that come to your mind.


If you learn how to do creative visualization, you can understand your inner blocks, stay in touch with them, and it's what blocks you, holds you back, that keeps you from reaching your highest potential. "Block" is a place where energy stops, neither moves nor flows.

Usually always suppresses negative emotions, such as fear, sadness, guilt, self-criticism, and anger. And this leads to increased pressure on a human being, which has negative effects spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. If you need to unblock a block, it's important to know a few things:

1 – Whatever you are feeling, you have to accept it mentally and physically.

2 – Clear overview icons, so you get to the root of each problem. And it could be, that these limiting attitudes and beliefs.

With this trick, you will simultaneously love and accept yourself. And constantly you will have a belief, which will tell you that limiting, destructive and all falsehood is going out of you.

goal introduction

The hardest part of finding what you need is identifying what exactly you need! The sooner we clarify what we want, the sooner we can focus our strong intention on that particular thing. And it will take very little effort, it will appear immediately. Writers always experience such "phenomena" when they are in a conscious state. When they get a very strong experience from their point of view, they get back an equally strong experience that they left in the outside world.

We can find out what we want in life through the process of goals. Doing some exercises with pen and paper helps us a lot. When you work on setting a goal, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to.

Remember, goal setting does not mean that you should stop with the goal. You can even change them when you feel it is necessary. Remember, setting a goal also does not mean that you can achieve it only for the sake of effort or only by struggling. It also does not mean that you become emotionally addicted to achieving that goal.

Creative visualization can also take the form of a mental image that you will speak or write, or even a physical image of the way you will see it. Whatever helps you create a clear "blueprint" goes out into the universe. And these exercises help you to get a clear picture of what you have written.

By going through this process, what you need will become much more clear to you. And it will help you to make it a reality. From this we can use to achieve all our important goals. Place your ideal position and image in your notebook, on a desk or near viewing, then hang on the wall.

About General (treasure maps)

The "treasure map" technique is a very powerful technique. A treasure map is an actual physical picture that corresponds to your wish. It's valuable because it gives you a clear, sharp energy that you can see to reach your goals. You too can create a treasure map, whether you draw or paint it, or even a collection of pictures, to harness the power of a treasure map.

Learn some guidelines on how you can use the treasure map most effectively.

For the same goal, make a treasure map.
You can make the treasure map any size that feels right to you.
Remember, you have to be in that picture. For a realistic effect, use your own photo.
Present the situation as if it already exists in its entirety.
Use thick thick in more sense. This will add even more power and energy effect to the treasure map.
creative view of relationship
Using creative visualization is a great way to improve our relationships with it. In every relationship, or any relationship at all, we get what we believe, or expect. We get what we ask from our deepest level. Whoever is in a relationship with us is like a mirror.

It affects our beliefs, and in the same way, we acquire the beliefs of those people. Building a relationship with another human being is one of the most powerful tools for your growth. If we look at our relationships, we will really observe that we have created as much as I have.

There are a few things you can do that will help your relationship:

Look at your relationship goals. What do you really want from this relationship?
Well and honestly, watch your faith and oversight. You are becoming what you want.
Use visualization to help you mend your difficult relationships.
Now you calm down and feel the state of deep relaxation. Imagine, two people honestly having open and effective communication. Imagine yourself talking to a human being, and clearing things up between you. Imagine, that person is listening to you and after that, he is talking about the things that happen to him.

live creatively
Creative visualization is not just a technique; This is the kingdom of a supreme consciousness. It is a state of consciousness in which we deeply realize that we are the creators of our universe. And we take responsibility for every single moment.

There is no separation between us and God; We can bring into existence the divine powers of God. There is no dearth of anything here; There is nothing that we cannot attract or that we cannot achieve; We have the potential to do everything inside of us. Manifesting from a creative perspective is a process in which we feel that we, with our divine power, can bring opportunity into this physical world.

The author says, I see myself as an artist and my life is the best work of art. Every moment is the creation of a moment, and in the creation of every moment, the infinite is the seeker. I can do things the way I've always done them. I try something new, which is different and very beneficial. Every moment gives us new opportunities and with it we are going to take new judgements.

Thanks guys, I hope you like this summary. I hope that by applying all the lessons in this book to your life, you will live your life in an even better way.

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