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Act Like a Lady,Think Like a Man By Steve Harvey Book Summary

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment is a 2009 self help book by Steve Harvey

 Have you ever wondered why men behave in a certain way, which is not at all what women expect? Is it difficult for a woman to understand what men think and want? Is it so difficult to understand what both the partners need in a relationship? Can we understand each other's way, improve our personal relationship?

Answers to all these questions can make any relationship very beautiful. Today's summary is based on one such book, which is dedicated to all women and all men. The name of this book is Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment, written by Steve Harvey (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man By Steve Harvey Book Summary

In this summary, we are going to see some important and amazing concepts from this book, why men cheat, what they like, what men really need, what is the difference between the love of men and women. what drives men, and much more.

The author of this book, Steve Harvey, is an American comedian, actor, author, and television and radio personality who first gained fame for his observational humor and later became known for his self-help advice, particularly regarding relationships. in. Harvey is one of the most recognized and sought after celebrities in the world. His dependable, honest and persuasive personality made him one of the cheapest personalities in the media. Every year 17,80,00,000 American viewers welcome Steve Harvey into their homes, which is more than 55% of the total US population.

So you can see why this book is so special, because Steve Harvey makes it special. And gives lots of real advice that anyone can follow to live a good relationship or fix their bad ones (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

How a man thinks

Men get away with a lot of things in relationships because women never understand how men think. And there's some important information in this book that could change all that. Men have many needs and concerns in their lives that they try to handle, such as security, hope for tomorrow, spirituality, body image, old age, friendship, children, work life balance, education, and many more. (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Expecting a man to react to all these things the way women want him to react is never going to work. When you go into a relationship thinking you're going to "change" your man, that's the worst and worst thing you can do. Why? Because it doesn't matter what other women are saying on magazine covers, on television talk shows, and on blogs. There are some basic things in men that will never change.

With this book, you can look inside the mind of men and understand them better. And the best part is, you can find out whether they are planning to be with you, or just playing with you. So act like a lady and think like a man (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Mindset of a man

Men are simple. Fix this in your head first, and everything you see about the man from this summary will begin to make more sense to you. Once you understand this, you need to understand another important truth, which is that men are driven by who they are, what they do, and how much they make (Act Like a Lady). Think Like a Man).

It doesn't matter whether a person is CEO, CFO, whatever they do is filtered by their title. Think about it: from the moment a boy is born, the first thing everyone around him tells him is what he needs to do to become a real man.

He is taught to be tough, to wrestle, to stand up without crying, and not to let anyone push him down. Even after the boys grow up, Manhood's desire does not change. In fact she gets more furious (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Until he feels he has achieved his mission, his focus has always been, and will always be, on who he is, what he does, and how much work he does. And as long as a man does this thing, women just fit into the emptiness of their lives (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

They aren't thinking about settling down, having kids, or settling down with someone until they've done all three of those things at once. If men are not pursuing "who they are," "what they do" and "how much they earn," they are doomed, in the words of the author, they are dead (Act Like a Lady Think Like a man).

But the moment they understand the puzzle and realize that their dreams are taking shape, new life breathes into them. It makes them alive. It is encoded in the DNA of the male species that he is to be the provider and protector of the family, and everything he does is done to make sure he can do that.

If a man can buy a pair of shoes for his child, he can send his children to school with confidence that his children's feet will not hurt. If he can buy vegetables from the vegetable shop, he can feel secure that he can feed his family.

A man just wants it all; If anything less, he doesn't feel like a man. More than that, they want to feel like they are number 1. He wants to be the best. They know they're not going to be the frontrunner in every situation, but somewhere in their lives, they're going to be the one everyone answers to, because it's so important for a man (Act Like a Lady Thinks Like a Man).

Man wants bragging rights, the right to say, "I am number 1". Women do not pay much attention to this. But for men? That's all. After achieving this, it is important that he can show whatever he gets after being number 1. He wants to show it to the woman, otherwise what is the use of being number 1? Because in their world, they are judged by other men based on who they are, what they do and how much they earn (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

And yes, it also affects the mood of a person. If you know he's not where he wants to be, then his mood in the house will matter more to you. If their mind is on how to make money, or getting a good position, they may not sit down to talk with you, or dream about a family.

In the author's experience, these facts don't always sit well with most women. Many of you think that if a man truly loves you, then both of you should be able to fulfill your dreams together. No matter where you are in life, both of you should build the foundation of your relationship together (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

It's respectful, but in reality, it's not the way men work. If he is not at the place in life where he wants to be, then men look at the prize, and it is not necessary that the prize should be you. For men, it is impossible not to pay attention to both, they are not so gifted.

Woman's love

Nothing on this planet can compare to the love of a woman, it is kind, sweet and most importantly, pure. If you're her partner, she can walk on water and cross mountains for you, no matter what you've done, no matter how many craziest things you've done. (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

If you are his partner, he will talk to you until there are no more words left to say. When you are sick, he will hold you in his arms, and when you are at a good level or in a good mood, you will be greeted by a celebrity. And if you are her partner and that woman really, really loves you, she will make you shine when you are dusty.

And no matter what you do, no matter how many times their friends say you're not good enough, no matter how many times you close the door on the relationship; She will still give her best, and keep trying to win over your heart; Even when you do everything you can to see that he is not right for you (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

This is a woman's love, it stands up to time, logic and all circumstances. Ask any woman what kind of love she wants from a man, and you're likely to hear something like this: I want him to be polite and snart, funny and romantic, sensitive and gentle, and above all, supportive. . I want him to look into my eyes and tell me that I am beautiful and that I fulfill him (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

I want a partner who can cry when it hurts, who can introduce me to my mother with a smile on his face; The one who loves kids and animals, and the one who changes diapers and washes the plates without saying a word, join me. And if he has a nice body and a lot of money, so much the better, but it's not all that important.

Well, this kind of love, it is perfection, and it is unrealistic to expect it from a man. Because the love of men is not like the love of a woman. A man's love is different, very simple, direct, and maybe a little difficult. A man who loves you probably won't call you every half hour to tell you how much he loves you. However, their love is still love (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

This is completely different from the love that women do. If you just recognize how a man loves, you will know that he is standing in front of you and giving you his all. If he doesn't love you the way you want, don't think that he doesn't love you at all.

So how do you know if a man is in love with you? Simple: He will do all these things. If your partner loves you, he will be ready to tell everyone, “Dekho yaar, yeh meri partner hai” or “Yeh meri bandi hai” (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

If you've been dating a guy for at least 90 days and you've never met his mom, or you don't go to temple together, or you haven't been around his family or his friends much. And most importantly, if they still introduce you by your name, they don't see you in their future (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

But the moment he gives you a title, the moment he claims you in front of people who matter in his life, whether it's his sister or his brother, then you know that Your partner is giving a statement. He is asserting his intentions for you and presenting them to people who need to know this information (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Make an announcement, this will let you know that a man is serious about you after making a claim about you. But remember, what drives a man; Whatever a real man does, it is to make sure that his family is never in trouble (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

And if he's doing anything less than that, he's not a man. Or should we say, he is not your partner, because he would probably do all this for someone else, but not for you (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Now, there's a lot more to passion than passion. Your partner may be in a broken state, but they will still do everything in their power to meet your needs. If you have less vegetables, and even if they can't give you money, they won't let you go hungry (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

It is a part of a man's DNA to want to fulfill the needs of those he loves and cares about, either financially or through hard work. And if he loves you and cares for you, he will give you all of these things without any limits (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

When someone truly loves you, anyone who says, does, or even thinks about doing something bad to you runs the risk of disappearing. Pick any male species on this planet, and this is true for all. Protection is not just about using brute or physical force against someone (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

A man who truly cares for you, or loves you, will protect you in other ways. Be it her advice, or stepping in to do something she thinks is too dangerous for you (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

A man's love fits into only three categories. “The three Ps of love – profess, provide, and protect.” He may not go with you to buy the dress for your office party. But a real man will take you to that party, hold your hand, and proudly introduce you to the whole party as his partner (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

He may not hug you and sit on your bed holding your hand when you are sick. But a real man, who loves you, will make sure that the medicines are taken correctly, make soup for you, and make sure that everything is fine until you are well. And even if he doesn't change diapers, doesn't clean dishes, and doesn't clean your feet after hot bath (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

But a real man who loves you, even if someone tries to hurt or harm you, he will walk on rocks, mountains and water. You can believe that much. If you have found a man who does all this for you, then believe me, he is your everything. And yes if they do all these things, then stop doubting them (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

3 things every man needs

Women are complicated. You need respect And you expect your partner to provide it to you, even if you have not told that you need someone, and what you want. Or even, that what you wanted 5 minutes ago is completely different from what you want now (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

In fact, the author has repeatedly joked that a woman can only be fully satisfied if she has 4 different men. One brown, one ugly, one mandingo and one gay. Now all four are united? He has got you covered (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Now humans, on the contrary are very simple creatures. It really doesn't take much to please them. In fact, there are only three things that every man desperately needs – support, love and “Cookie”. Just three things. For a woman, it is easy to give support, love and physically to her partner because it is in their nature, support and love are things that women do freely. So these three things are natural for you. And all this your partner wants from you (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

The more you make them feel special, the more they'll give you in return. A woman should say to her partner “Darling, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that you do for me and for the children.” These simple words give the man the power to keep doing the right thing for you and your family (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

If they get rewarded for it, from bringing that salary home, to working harder at work; Even if you want to do some simple small work; He'll do it over and over again. For that reward, you don't have to spend a single penny. It just comes from the heart: “Thank you, baby. I appreciate you."

You don't know how important this is to your partner; That little bit of encouragement, motivates them to do more. You think, because they are hard and they don't want to hug you, they don't need encouragement, but they do.

Understand that a man's love is completely different from a woman's love. A woman's love is emotional, nurturing, warm, sweet and kind and all-encompassing. And when she is in love with you, she is loyal to you, she cannot see herself with anyone else. This is the love of a woman. But for man, love means loyalty (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

He wants you to show your love to him by being faithful. This means that no matter what happens, you stand by them (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man). If they get fired, they know that you are going to be with them even if they are not getting paid. When you are around your girlfriends, you will enthusiastically tell them, “Yeh mera banda hai. I am loyal to him."

Man needs love making. They love it. They cannot live without it and they need it on a constant basis. Take their house, take their job, but please, don't put a stop to this thing. They don't care about anything else (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

They need to connect physically with the partner they love, who is loyal to them and supports them. Emotional things, like talking, hugging, holding hands, and bonding, are all a woman's thing. Men do those things because they know that it is important for their partner. But please understand, people can connect only by making love. So try to give them what they want from their heart.

Why do men do what they do

They're trying to see what you need, because they want to know if they can have you tonight. If you don't define any requirements, you are free, the game just starts. He knows that he can get you into bed with the least amount of effort. But if you tell in front of them, that you need their time, their respect, their attention, then they know that you will not ask easily. And they need to work hard to get the cookie (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

A man goes fishing for 2 reasons: either to play with the fish or to catch them for food. Which means, they'll either try to catch the biggest fish, take a picture of it, show it to their friends, and throw it back in the water (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Or they will take that fish home, fry it and put it on their plate. The way men look at women, that too is exactly the same. One important thing is that men do not decide whether you are a sports fish or a keeper, it is you who decides. Don't hate the player, hate the game (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

When a man approaches you, you have complete control over the situation, whether he can talk to you, buy you a drink, dance with you, get your number, take you home, then Meet, all of that. He wants this thing from you, so he started talking to you. But it is you who decides whether you are going to give that man everything he wants (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Where you stand in the eyes of men is dictated by your control over the situation. Every word you say, every move you make, all your signals help them decide whether they should try to play with you, be straight with you, or go to someone else (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

One thing that is very important is that if the man is a responsible, considerate, loving son, he will never really be separated from his parents. Until, he finds a woman he loves and who loves him back (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man). Be clear to everyone involved in your life that they will respect your relationships and you too. How, exactly, would he know that his interactions with his mother fell short of his wife's standards?

Men cannot read minds, and they are completely incapable of getting an idea of ​​what you want. So you have to speak. Often the wife feels hesitant to speak about the transgression of the boundaries of the close relationship. They fear that she will leave them, that if they try to create a rift between their partner and their mother, they will choose their mother over her (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

But men don't work like this; If your partner truly loves you and is a real man, then he will find a way to make his partner happy, and also to please his mother, so that it can work out for everyone involved in the relationship. And everything went in smooth way (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

Why do men cheat, ladies, here are the primary reasons why men cheat, but there are many other reasons as well. A man always has a reason to justify why he is doing wrong, and that reason is different for every man and every woman (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

It's important for you to understand, though, that they know that regardless of a man's reason, a woman may think over and over in her head, "I didn't do it right," "I wasn't good enough, “I didn't love him as much as I should have. Means finding all kinds of shortcomings in yourself (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

But the fact is still the same, that all these have nothing to do with cheating. So the woman needs to free herself from the blame of man's cheating action, just do it for yourself. Because holding on to that bag can be paralyzing, holding you back, and preventing you from moving forward (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

But you can limit the number of times you see cheating. Look, you have a lot of power to limit the things that happen to you. So what is that power? You have the power of persuasion, you have the power of intuition, and all of these will help you. If you tell a man up front that you'll tolerate a lot of things, but cheating isn't one of them, he's actually getting the idea that if he leaves the union, he'll be out of the union. Will stay outside (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).

And you must do this. And if he breaks this promise? So you have to be ready to move on from them. You either have to let him go, or forgive him from your heart and find a way to move on with him. But do not adopt the path between these two (Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man).



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Act Like a Lady,Think Like a Man By Steve Harvey Book Summary
Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment is a 2009 self help book by Steve Harvey
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