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The Secret (रहस्य) by Rhonda Byrne book summary

The Secret is a 2006 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, based on the earlier film of the same name. It is based on the belief of the pseudoscientific law

  Our book today is very special and its name is "The Secret" which is the best selling self help book of 2006 written by Rhonda Byrne. It is written on the belief of Law of Attraction, which believes that a person's thoughts can completely change his life. If you also want to change your life completely by knowing the secret of life, then read this summary carefully (The Secret).

The Secret (रहस्य) by Rhonda Byrne book summary

The Secret Revealed

24 best teachers keep their point of view in this book. The secret of that teacher is hidden in this book and there are many startling stories to put that secret into action. In this, very easy way, small talk or some short cuts have been told, by which you can really live your dream world (The Secret).

When you know the Secret, you understand how you can get everything you need. You know yourself, who you really are. You know about the things in your life that are amazing or waiting for you (The Secret).

What have some very big and great people said about Secret. Let's see:

Bob proctor who is a philosopher, author, and personal coach says that- The Secret gives you everything whether it is happiness, good health or money (The Secret).

Dr. Joe Vitale – who is a metaphysician, marketing specialist, and author says – You can have anything and become anything (The Secret).

John Ashraf who is an enterpreneur and money making expert says that- we can get whatever we choose, no matter how big it is.

Jack Canfield who is an author, teacher, life coach, and motivational speaker, believes that it all happened because he knew how to apply The Secret.

 what is the secret

The Secret is a Law of Attraction - which means you attract whatever comes into your life. All these things have come into your life because somewhere the picture of those things is printed in your mind. Basically whatever you think. Whatever goes on in your mind, you are attracting in your life.

All the great teachers who have been in the world till date say that Law of attraction is the most powerful law of this universe (The Secret).

Great poets such as William Shakespeare, Robert Browning or William Blake have told this in their poems. Composers such as Beethoven have expressed this in their music. Artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci have shown this in their paintings.

Great thinkers such as Socrates, Plato, Ralph Waldon Emerson, Pythagoras, Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton and Victor Hugo and told the Secret in their writings and stories (The Secret).

This is the law that keeps everything in the universe in a correct order, no matter what moment of your life, or whatever you experience in life. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are, the law of attraction creates your entire life experience, this law is able to do all this with the help of your thoughts.

People who earned wealth in their life, they used Secret, whether they used Secret of thinking or did it without thinking.

He only thought of the great wealth and did not allow any other thought to enter his mind. His only thought was money. Whether he knows it or not, but all this time the thought of wealth attracted wealth in his life.

Law of attraction works like this. This law reacts to your thoughts, no matter what the thoughts are (The Secret).

like attracts like

You are the most powerful magnet in this universe. You have magnetic power inside you which is the most powerful in this world, and you can use this power through your thought (The Secret).

John Ashraf - My simplest way of looking at the Law of Attraction is, “I think of myself as a magnet, and I know that another magnet will be drawn to me (The Secret).

You must have experienced attracting this thought many times. Like sometimes you hear a song and then it just can't get out of your mind. That song keeps playing in your mind again and again. You didn't realize it when you heard that song, but you listened to that song with full attention (The Secret) with full focus on that song.

Your life today is the result of the thoughts you have had in the past. It has all the good things and also all the things that you didn't like so much. You get that thing in your life about which you have thought the most.

From this it is understood that the thoughts which dominate our mind the most are basically what we attract. Now you must be understanding the Secret, and through its knowledge you can change anything (The Secret).

There is a kind of magnet in thinking i.e. magnetic power, it has its own frequency. When you think anything, those thoughts go into the Universe and like a magnet, they attract similar things that are on the same frequency. Whatever is thought comes to its source, and that source is you (The Secret).

Bob Proctor - Living yourself in abundance where everything is infinite and you can attract it. It always works and works with every human being. When you do this, you completely change your life for the Law of Attraction (The Secret). It's very easy. But here comes the question – why everyone is not living their dream world???

attract the good instead of the bad

John Ashraf - This is where the problem lies. Most people only think about what they don't want, and then they wonder why they keep getting the same things they don't want (The Secret).

The only reason why people do not get what they want is that instead of thinking about what they want, they keep thinking more and more about what they do not want. Watch your thoughts again and again, watch your words. The law is absolutely correct. There's nothing wrong with the law (The Secret).

Bob Doyle - Law of attraction doesn't mean what you think is right or wrong, what you want or don't want. He simply responds to your thoughts. So if you are just thinking about debt, feeling bad about it, you are sending that signal to the Universe (The Secret).

If you think only about him all the time, you will get more and more of the same. The Law of Attraction only gives you what you think about (The Secret).

No, no, I don't want Law of attraction, I don't understand such words. Your life is in your hands, you can choose your thoughts wisely and change your life. Any aspect of your life can be changed (The Secret).

the power of our mind

Awareness – Whether you were aware of your thought in the past or not, you are now aware of it. With the knowledge of the Secret, you are waking up from a deep sleep and knowing about this Secret. Now you must be understanding about the knowledge, law or power of your thoughts (The Secret).

Lisa Nicholas – The Law of Attraction is everywhere. You can pull anything towards you. Be it people, job, circumstances, health, wealth, debt, happiness, car or the community you live in. You have attracted all this into your life like a magnet (The Secret).

Bob proctor – If you do not understand this law, it does not mean that you should reject it. You may not understand electricity but still you enjoy all its benefits. I don't know how it works but I knew that electricity could cook a man's dinner or a whole man (The Secret).

It takes a lot of constant negative thoughts for something negative to happen in your life. But if you have been thinking only negative for a long time, then they will definitely be there in your life. If you take more tension of your negative thoughts then you will attract even more negative thoughts and at the same time you are multiplying them (The Secret).

Mystery Made Simple

Michael Bernard Beckwith - We live in a universe where there are many laws, such as one law of gravity. If you fall from a building, it doesn't matter whether you are a good person or a bad person, you will fall to the ground (The Secret).

Dr. Joe Vitale – Everything you have in your life today, even the things you are complaining about – you have attracted everything. You would not like to hear this. You will say that I did not attract car accident, I did not attract such a client with whom it is very difficult to work, I did not attract loans in my life.

But the truth is that you have attracted all this in your life. It is difficult to understand or believe this but once you understand this, your life starts changing (The Secret).

Marci Shimoff - It's hard to fathom every thought. Researchers believe that we get at least 60 thousand thoughts in a day. Think how difficult and tiring it would be to control all these 60 thousand thoughts. The good thing is that there is an easy way, that is our feelings.

Our feelings tell us what we think. Your feelings are the biggest means of creating your own life. Your thoughts are the basis of everything. Apart from that whatever you see or feel is the effect of thoughts, feelings are also one of these things. The reason is always your thoughts (The Secret).

The most important thing for you to know is that it is absolutely impossible to feel good or bad together. This makes the law wrong, because your thoughts become your feelings. If you are feeling bad, it means that you are thinking thoughts that are making you feel bad. It is not possible to feel good but have bad thoughts at the same time (The Secret).

You feel good because you think good. You can get anything in life that you want, the only condition is that you have to feel good. This law is absolutely perfect. Change your thoughts and think of something good. When you start getting good feelings, then you understand that the reason for this is to change your thoughts. You have shifted yourself to a new frequency, and the Universe has confirmed us by giving you good feelings (The Secret).

Lisa Nicholas - Your thoughts or your feelings create your life. It will always be like this. It is fully guaranteed. You have the power to change anything because you choose your thoughts, and feel your emotions (The Secret).

love: the greatest emotion

There is no greater power than love in the universe. Any person has the best frequency of feeling of love. If you are in love with every thought you have, if you can love everything, everybody, your life will change completely. Some very great people have called the law of attraction the law of love in the past (The Secret).

If you think badly about someone, you will appear that way even when they really are. You do not harm anyone but yourself with your bad thoughts.

If you keep loving thoughts, then you will get the most benefit from it. If you live in a state of maximum love, then the Law of Attraction responds the most because you are in your highest frequency. The more you keep or show the feeling of love, the more power will come to you (The Secret).

Jack Canfield - Ever since I came to know about The Secret, I started applying it in my life. My life has become absolutely magical. I am living life everyday as people want to live it. I live in a 4.5 million dollar house. Very lovely wife. I go on vacation all over the world.

I have explored a lot from mountains to safaris. That's why all this happened and will happen in the future too - because I know how to apply The Secret in life.

How to use secret

James Ray - If you think of Aladdin or his lamp. Aladdin picks up the lamp, rubs it, and the Genie emerges from it. The Genie always says the same thing - "Hukum Mere Aaka". The story is such that there are three wishes in it, but if you look back in the story, there was no limit to the wish in the original story.

Now relate this story to your life. Aladdin is the one who always wishes what we want. And this Universe is your Genie. Traditions give it any name from time to time but you can choose whatever you like. Whatever may be the tradition, the Genie always says this – “Hukum Mere Aaka” (The Secret).

This amazing story is going to see how your whole life or everything in it has been created by you yourself. Genie just made your wishes come true. Genie is the law of attraction. He is always present, and is listening to you at all times, whatever you think, say, or do (The Secret).

Genie finds whatever you think you need. You need what you speak. Everything you do is needed by you. You are the master of this universe, and Genie is here to make your wishes come true. Genie can never question what you ask for. As soon as you think, the Genie, through people, situations, events, starts preparing to give it to you (The Secret).

Creative Process – Step – 1 – Ask

Lisa Nicholas – The first step in the creative process is “asking”. Asking from this universe. Let the Universe know what you need. The Universe responds to your thoughts.

You can choose whatever you want, but you have to be clear about what you want. This is your job. If you are not clear then Law of attraction will not be able to work for you. If you send mixed frequencies to the Universe, you will get mixed results.

Demand is the first step of this creative process, make it a habit to ask. If you have a hard time liking something or aren't sure which way to go, just ask. Just ask (The Secret).

Dr. Joe Vitale - It's so funny. Think of the universe as a list. You look at it upside down or you say – I want to experience this, I want this thing or I want this person. It is like placing an order from the Universe. It's very easy.

You do not need to order again and again. Just place order once. You don't order it again and again without doubting it after ordering. Just order once. The creative process is also the same. Step 1- You just have to be clear in mind what you want. As soon as you get clarity, you ask (The Secret).

Step – 2 – Believe

Lisa Nicholas – Step 2 is to have faith. Have faith that you have already got it. Believing in what you haven't seen yet.

You must believe that you have found it. You should know that what you wanted was yours ever since you asked for it. You should have full faith or trust in him. If you have ordered from the catalogue, then you can relax because what you have asked for, you will definitely get (The Secret).

Why? This universe is like a mirror or the law of attraction is like looking back at your own strong thoughts in the mirror. So doesn't it make sense that you should see yourself receiving. If you have a thought to notice that you do not have it now, then you will think that "I do not have it now" and you will attract more. You have to send this feeling to the Universe that you have received so that the same pictures like your mirror can return to your life (The Secret).

How to believe – start acting like it's already yours. When you start building that belief, slowly you start believing that you have got it.

Genie is reacting to your idea from us and not just at the time you asked. That's why after you have asked for something, you should keep on believing that you have got it.

Keep your faith in him. When you believe that you are getting it then get ready because now you will see the magic happening (The Secret).

It is not your job to think how all this will happen, how the universe will bring all this to you. Let the Universe do this work. All of you think that how all this will happen, then you are sending such a frequency, which lacks faith that you do not believe that you will get it.

You think Universe will not be able to do this. Thinking "how to" is not part of the creative process (The Secret).

Step – 3 – Receive

Lisa Nicholas – The third step or final step in this process is to receive. Start feeling great about that thing. Feel like you will feel when you receive it. Feel that feeling now.

Marcy Shimoff – It is very important to feel good and be happy in this process because when you feel good, you put yourself in the frequency you need (The Secret).

Bob Proctor - You can draw anything you want. Be it money, people, a book – anything you can attract.

You just have to keep in mind that what you are attracting, whatever image you hold in your mind will attract towards you. It reaches you through you, the physical reality and this happens through the law (The Secret).

How much time will it take

Dr. Joe Vitale - There is one thing people ask a lot and that is "How long will it take to get the car or the relationship or the money????" I do not have any rule book in which it is written that it will take 30 minutes or three days or 30 days. This time is decided based on the alignment between you and the universe (The Secret).

Time is just an illusion. What Quantum Physics and Albert Einstein have told us: Everything is happening at the same time. If you can understand that there is no concept like time and accept it, then you will see that what you want in the future is already there. The universe takes no time to reveal the same thing (The Secret).

Whenever you take a long time to get something, it means you are taking too long to believe, you are taking too long to feel that you have already got it. You get anything on your own frequency (The Secret).

There is no time in the universe, nor is there any size of the universe. Asking for one rupee and asking for one crore rupees are exactly the same.

The process of both of these is the same, you will get some quickly and some will take time, the only reason for this is that you think one crore rupees is a lot of money and one rupee is nothing. Start asking for big things, when you do this you will start building your life in advance (The Secret).

create your day in advance

You can use the Law of Attraction to create it in advance in your life. Prentice Mulford whose writings reveal much about the Law of Attraction. And it also shows how to use it and how you can think in advance how your day will go (The Secret).

Prentice Mulford – “When you tell yourself that you will have a great trip or journey, you are actually already sending forces or elements from your body that begin to put things in place to make your journey a good one.

When before traveling, before shopping trip, you are in a very bad mood, irritated, then you send forward some invisible elements which become kind of unhappy, unpleasant or confrontational. In other words, our thoughts are our state of mind, which seems to make things good or bad for us (The Secret).

Make it a daily habit to plan everything in your life in advance, for your thoughts. Whatever work you do or wherever you go, keep the forces of the Universe before you, thinking that you have to keep them ahead of you. All this means that you are creating your life on your own terms.

Powerful Processes

Dr. Joe Vitale - Too many people find themselves trapped in today's circumstances. Whatever your situation is today, it is your today's reality, and your today's reality will begin to change with the use of The Secret.

Lisa Nicholas - When you want to change your circumstances, first of all you have to change your thoughts. Whenever you check your mailbox thinking that there will be a bill in it - it will actually be there. Every day you only think about the bill.

You don't think about anything other than that. If you keep thinking about loans, it means if you are expecting more loans, then more loans will come. Every day you force your mind to think, "Will I still be in debt?" Yes, such debt will remain because you thought so.

The debt remained because the law of attraction obeyed your thoughts. Do yourself a favor - think about checks (The Secret).

The Powerful Process of Gratitude

Marcy Shimoff – Gratitude is the way to bring more and more into your life.'

Dr. John DeMartini – Whatever we think about, whatever we are grateful for, that is what we get (The Secret).

James Ray "Gratitude" has been a very powerful exercise for me. Every morning I wake up and say thank you. As soon as my feet hit the ground in the morning, I say "thank you". Whatever I do in the morning, whether it is brushing my teeth or whatever, I give thanks for everything. I am always thankful for everything (The Secret).

Be thankful for whatever you have. When you think about everything in your life that you are thankful for, you can think of more and more things that you can be thankful for.

You start and the law of attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and will start giving you more thoughts of the same kind. You will lock into a frequency of gratitude and all good things will be yours (The Secret).

Powerful Process of Visualization

Visualization (seeing something happening in the mind) is one of the most powerful process because when you create pictures in your mind, create the image of whatever you want in your mind, at that time you want that thing to be with you now. You also create thought or feeling. Visualization is your focused thought in the form of pictures in simple language, which also generate similar powerful feelings.

When you visualize, you send that powerful frequency to the universe. Law of attraction catches that powerful signal and returns you those pictures as you have seen in your mind (The Secret).

You think about the big discoveries that discovered those things. Like plane and wright brothers, like Thomas Edison and Light bulb, like Alexander Graham Bell and phone.

Till date, a thing was discovered only when a person first made a picture of it in his mind. Seeing him very clearly and keeping in mind the picture of the end result, the Universe put all its energies into bringing that world through that person (The Secret).

Here is an example – look at the back of your hands. Look at the skin of the hands. Look at the veins on the hands, look at the rings, look at the nails. Check all these details closely. Before you close your eyes, look at those eyes, those hands, those fingers on the steering wheel of your brand new car (The Secret).

Jack Canfield - It is actually your feeling that generates attraction, not just your thought and picture. A lot of people say, “If I think positively, or if I just visualize whatever I want, will that be enough? But you are doing this but you are not feeling that you have it first, or you are not feeling good or happy, then that power of attraction cannot be created.

It is not to be seen how our work will be done. How it will happen depends on how much commitment or faith you have in what you want.

When you picture or feel a picture in your mind, you bring yourself to a place where you believe you already have it. You build faith or trust in the Universe because your focus is on the end result or its feeling.

The picture that is in your mind, you see it happening. Your feelings are also the same. Your mind or your whole body sees it as if it has already happened. This is the art of visualization.

Powerful process in action

Marci Shimoff says that the only difference between people who live this way, a magical life, and people who don't, is that people who live magical lives have made it a habit.

They have made it a habit to use the law of attraction and magic happens to them wherever they go. Because they remember to use it. Those people use it not once in life but always.

You can extend your imagination to the vision board, and put pictures of whatever you want on it. You want to make such a picture like life. Keep in mind, put the vision board at such a place from where you can see it everyday.

Feel the feeling of having those things already with you. When you get the thing in reality, then remove its picture by saying thank you and keep adding new things to it. This is a great way to explain the law of attraction to kids. Vision board's creation inspires a lot of parents and children all over the world.

Secret of wealth

Jack Canfield - Secret has completely changed my life. Because I was born in a family where my father was very negative, he thought that rich people are very bad, and whoever has money has done something bad to someone.

So there were a lot of stories in my house about money: if you have money, bad things will happen to you, only bad people have money, and money doesn't grow on trees. One of Dad's favorite lines was- Main Kya Koi Raja Maharaja Hoon.

So I always felt that life is very difficult. When I w. My life started changing when I met Clement Stone. When I was working with him, he asked me to set a goal which was very big, so big that it would drive me crazy with happiness if it was achieved.

At that time I used to earn 8 thousand dollars a year, so I said that I want to earn 10 lakh dollars a year. Right now I had no idea how I would do this. I had no strategy, no prospect, I just said I declare it, I will believe it, I will act like it's absolutely true and I did.

Knowing about Secret and using it can be applied in any subject of life. The process of making anything is the same even if it is money. For money you should focus on wealth. It is very difficult to attract money in life when you keep thinking that you do not have enough money, meaning that the only thought in your head will be that you do not have enough money. If you keep thinking that you do not have money, then you are creating such situations that you are not going to have money.

You should focus on having a lot of money. You have to send new ideas to the universe. Thoughts like you have more money than you need. You have to use your imagination and believe that you already have the money you want. You will notice that as soon as you play these games or pretend that you have a lot of money, you feel very good about money, and it starts coming into your life.

Attract abundance

The only reason people don't have money is because they themselves block money from coming to them for their own ideas. Every negative thought, emotion, block every good thing from coming to you and money is one of them. It is not that the Universe has kept money away from you, because whatever money you need is already present in the Universe in an invisible form.

If you don't have enough, it is because you are blocking the flow of money coming to you, and you are doing so with your thoughts. When you are in need of money, you have a very powerful feeling, so that feeling only attracts the need for more money through the Law of Attraction, having money does not attract (The Secret).

Here there is also a secret of the secret. There is a short cut to anything you want in life – to be happy with yourself. It brings things to you quickly and money is one of them. Send this happiness or happy feeling to the universe (The Secret).

When you do this, you attract more happiness and joy from the Universe, not just lots of money, but everything you need. When you send such feelings of happiness to the Universe, the Universe itself sends you back in the form of pictures and experiences of life. The Law of Attraction is simply a reflection of your innermost thoughts and feelings (The Secret).

focus on prosperity

Bob proctor - Some people have only one goal - "Get out of debt". This keeps you in more debt forever. Whatever you think will happen. You will speak but I think, “getting out of debt”. So what difference does it make whether you are thinking of getting out of debt or getting into debt. Point is if you are thinking about loan then more loan will be attracted (The Secret).

If words like “I can't afford this” came out of your mouth, then we have to change now. Change it from “I can do it there and buy it”. Tell him again and again. For the next 30 days, do one thing intentionally - look at everything you like and say to yourself - I can afford this, I can buy this.

Whether you see your dream car, clothes of your choice, vacation, whatever. You are starting to feel good about money. You will start convincing yourself that you can afford these things. And when you do, the picture of your life will change (The Secret).

Give money to get money

Giving is a very powerful action to bring more money into your life because when you give you say I have a lot. You know that the richest people on this planet do the most charity. They give a lot of money, or when they give, the Universe gives them a multiple of that money.

There is a difference between giving money and making sacrifices. There is a very happy feeling when you give from your heart. Sacrifice me, I don't get a good feeling. The happiness that comes from giving wholeheartedly cannot be a sacrifice. Universe gives more money in your life in response to this feeling of yours (The Secret).

Secret of relationships

When you want to attract anything in your life, keep in mind that do not do any work which is opposite to your desires. This is best exemplified by Mike Dooley, one of the teachers in this book. This story is of a woman who wanted to attract a perfect partner in her life. He did everything right.

He knew very clearly what kind of partner he wanted. He had made a list of the detail quality of his partner, he had also visualized it in his life. Despite all this, there was no trace of the perfect partner in his life (The Secret).

One day she reached her home and while parking her car in the garage, she noticed that her actions and her thoughts were completely opposite because there was no place to park her partner's car in the garage. He is clearly telling the action universe that he did not believe that he would find the right partner. He immediately cleared the garage and put his car in one side, and made space for his partner's parking.

When she went to the room and opened her wardrobe, it was also full of clothes, there was no place left to keep her partner's clothes. He cleared that too and made a place to keep it. He left sleeping in the middle of the bed and started sleeping on the side of the bed to make room for his partner.

The woman herself told this story to Mike Dooley once at dinner and her perfect partner was sitting with her at the table. After all these actions, he found his perfect partner and both of them were married (The Secret).

you are your job

James Ray - How can you have fun with someone if you can't have fun with yourself? The work of law of attraction is to bring this in your life. You just have to be very clear. Here is a question – do you treat yourself the way you want people to treat you??

Your thoughts are very powerful thoughts, so when you don't love and treat yourself with respect, you send a signal that you are not an important, worthy, or worthy person. Treat yourself with lots of love and respect and keep the frequency of the same thoughts.

Law of attraction will shake the whole universe and the number of people in life will increase who will treat you with love and respect. The biggest reason to love yourself is that if you do not love yourself then it is impossible to feel good. When you feel bad about yourself, you block out all the love or good things the universe has in store for you (The Secret).

Marci Shimoff - In a relationship, we are always used to blaming the other. For example, my colleagues are too lazy, my husband spoils my mind, my children are a lot of trouble. Focus is always on other people. But in order to make relationships work, we must focus on the things in other people that we can appreciate, not the things that we have to complain about (The Secret).

When we complain about something, we are attracting more of the same thing. If your relationship is not working, you are facing difficulties, you are not getting along – still you can completely change the relationship. Take a paper For the next 30 days, sit down and write down everything you appreciate about that person.

Write down the reasons why you love him. Appreciate his sense of humor, appreciate his helpful nature. When you focus on appreciating and focus on their strengths, they will be found in greater quantity and problems will gradually go away (The Secret).

Secret of health

Along with medicines, healing through the mind can work very well together. If there is pain, then the pain can be cured with medicines, which can make a person focus on his health. “Thinking perfect health” is something any human being can do within themselves, no matter what is happening to them. All stress and tension starts with a negative thought.

It starts with one thought, then more thoughts come and the tension builds. Effect is stress but its cause is negative thinking which started from a negative thought. No matter what you attract, you can still change it to first a positive thought and then to more positive thoughts (The Secret).

Laugh and be happy is the best medicine

Cathy Goodman - Telling her personal story, she says that - I had breast cancer. I thought with full confidence in my heart that I was already well. Every day I would say to myself – “Thank you for healing me”, I kept repeating it all the time. I have been made to believe in my heart that I am on the mend. I started seeing myself as if it was never in my share.

I always watch funny movies. That's all I used to do - be happy and be famous. I could not afford to take stress in my life. Because I knew that taking stress in the process of healing myself was the most dangerous for me. It took exactly three months from the time I got cancer to the time I was cured. And that too without any radiation and chemotherapy, I was cured (The Secret).

Cathy Goodman's beautiful or inspiring story illustrates the power of three—the power of gratitude to heal ourselves. The power of faith that one will definitely get what one wants and the power of being happy and laughing which can cure any disease in the body.

Secret of the world

Lisa Nicholas – People have this tendency to look at things and say, I like this, I want this. Those people pass the same energy even looking at the other things which they do not want. In our society, we have become used to fighting things like fighting cancer, fighting poverty, fighting war, fighting drugs, fighting terrorism, fighting violence. We fight with everything we don't want which actually creates more fighting (The Secret).

Even if the situation is related to the world, you are not powerless. You have all the power. Focus on making everyone happy, focus on ensuring that everyone in the world gets food. Think about the things that are needed. When you focus on good things, you feel good and that causes good things to happen in the world (The Secret).

The universe is abundant

When you think you don't have enough, you are looking to the outside world. You think everything comes from outside. By doing this, only less and limited things are visible. Now you know that everything comes from the first thought, and from the inner feelings. Only your mind has creative power. So how can there be a lack of anything (The Secret).

This is impossible. Your thinking power is unlimited. So the things you can get are also unlimited. Praising and blessing i.e. by praising and giving good wishes to others, all negativity ends. So praise and bless your enemies. If you curse your enemies, it gets reflected back and harms you. By giving praise and blessings, that same thing comes back to itself (The Secret).

Secret to you

Bob Proctor – If you look at your hands, they will seem solid to you, then they are not actually you. If you look at the hand through a microscope, you will just see the energy vibrating.

You are the most powerful transmission tower in the universe. Speaking in simple language, all the energy vibrates on a single frequency. You also have energy inside you, so you also vibrate on a certain frequency. Your frequency is known by your thinking and feeling. Whatever you want is also made of energy and it also vibrates (The Secret).

Everything is energy. When you focus on something that you want, you are changing the vibration of the atoms of that thing, and make it vibrate for you. You are the most powerful transmission tower in the universe because only you have the power to focus your energy on thoughts, shake the vibrations of things and pull them towards you (The Secret).

A universal mind

All the possibilities are already there. All knowledge, all discovery, all future invention is already there in our universal mind, we just have to bring it forward through human mind. We are all one. We are all connected. We are all part of the same energy field. It can be called a supreme mind, a creative source.

Whatever may be the name, but we are all one. You will understand why thinking negatively about someone else reflects back on ourselves, because we are one. You are God Himself in the physical body. You yourself are a soul, eternal life. You are whatever is there in the universe. Power, wisdom, intelligence, magnificence, you are the creator and you are creating your own creation on this planet.

You are not your part

Jack Canfield - A lot of people think they're victims, something's just wrong with them, they're always looking in the past. Psychologists say that 85% of families have problems, which means you are not unique. My parents drink alcohol, my father used to harass me a lot, my mother divorced him when I was very young. It means that everyone's story is somewhere the same. The question here is what will you do next? What will you choose next? Because either you can just keep focusing on that or you can focus on what you need.

When people focus on what they want, what they want starts growing and the other part disappears (The Secret).

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf - You might be thinking that - that's cool but I can't do it. Either she won't let me do it or she will. Yes I don't have enough money, or I am not strong enough. I am not rich. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not Every "I am not" becomes the cause of further not being.

Better use the most powerful words you can – “I am”. For example- I am receiving all good things, I am happy, I am abundant, I am healthy, I am lovable, I am always on time, I am young, I have lots of energy.

Be aware of your thoughts

Your mind is like a running steam train. It can lead you to think of the past, again the bad experiences of the past are linked to the future, it can lead you to think of the future. They control me, the thoughts that come keep on increasing. When you are aware that you are in the present, you are aware of what you are thinking. You get control over your thoughts and that is your biggest power.

How to be more aware - The first way is to stop and ask yourself - What am I thinking? When you ask yourself, at the same time you become aware, because you bring your mind to the present. Do this several times throughout the day because remember awareness is what helps you remember your strengths. Explaining this in short, Michael Bernard Beckwith says that - "Remember to remember".

Mystery of life

You have the chance to write whatever you want on the blackboard of your life. If you are stuck in the baggage of the past, clear it. Erase everything from the past that is of no use to you. Just be grateful for the past because it brought you into this present, a new beginning. Your blackboard is clean, now you can start writing. Find your joys and start living them (The Secret).

Do things that you like and make you happy. If you don't know then ask yourself what will make you happy? When you get it, commit to it, commit to happiness. The law of attraction will make it rain good or happy things, people, situations, opportunities into your life because you are happy. Feel good, that's all you have to do (The Secret).

You have got the knowledge of Secret, now what you do with it is completely in your hands. Whatever you choose for yourself will be right. The freedom to choose is now yours (The Secret).

Embrace your magnificence

Secret is inside you. The more you use it, the more it grows. You reach a point where you no longer need to practice it, because you yourself become a power, you become perfection, you become wisdom (The Secret).

Intelligence, love and joy are all you. The world revolves for you, the oceans flow for you, the sun rises and sets for you, the stars rise for you. Whatever beautiful thing you see or feel is for you. No matter who you think you are, now you know yourself. You are the master of this universe. And now you know about the Secret. Now whatever you do next, all the power is within you (The Secret).

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed this summary (The Secret).



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Education Learn Solution - Best Platform to Explore Books.: The Secret (रहस्य) by Rhonda Byrne book summary
The Secret (रहस्य) by Rhonda Byrne book summary
The Secret is a 2006 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, based on the earlier film of the same name. It is based on the belief of the pseudoscientific law
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