Seven Spiritual Principles of Success Summery

 The summary of the book from which we will learn today is "Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success", which has been written by "Deepak Chopra".

Deepak Chopra is a very well known advocate of living life, health and medicine field in eastern and western world. He has written around 80 books and many of them have become best sellers. “Seven spiritual laws of success”, has been his most popular book till date. His books have been translated into more than 25 languages ​​and he gives lectures (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success) all over North America, South America, India, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Seven Spiritual Principles of Success Summery

With an effortless power and simplicity, Seven Spiritual Laws is the ultimate example of contemporary self help writing. The emphasis on success and achievement may not sound "spiritual" to some, but that is the point of this book.

The Seven come from spiritual law, eastern thought and quantum physics and it comes from faith, strength and peace. Chopra goes beyond money and tells us what is the meaning of abundance.

This book says that The Seven spiritual laws are the most powerful principles that you can easily apply and fulfill all your desires with happiness. If you practice it, you will feel that you can accomplish what you are dreaming of. Fortunately, the laws of success are not difficult and mysterious, rather they are easy to understand and apply. 

There are other ways you can learn how to use the spiritual laws of success and attract the life you want, and this is a good place to start (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

The 7 spiritual rules mentioned in the book are as follows:-

  1. Law of pure potentiality
  2. Giving means the rule of giving
  3. Law of Cause and Effect or Karma
  4. law of least effort
  5. Rule of your intention and desire
  6. Detachment rule
  7. Law of Dharma and Purpose of Life

Now let us explain in detail the 7 spiritual rules of success and see how to apply them in life.

Law of pure potentiality and possibility

The source of all creation is pure consciousness and pure potentiality finds expressions to manifest. And when we realize that our true self is our pure personality, then we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.

When the ego drops, then knowledge is revealed. Chopra refers to the comment of 'Carlos Castenanda' - that if you keep building your self-importance, we will start looking at the universe with pride.

We can first reach the state of pure potentiality through meditation and silence but we have to let go of judgment and appreciate nature. When you know the field, you can step back from it and become independent of situations, feelings, people and things. All wealth and creativity flows out of this field (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Have you ever been alone in nature or experienced a moment of deep silence? If so, you may feel a sense of peace and connectedness with the universe. This is a peaceful moment in which you can find your true self and realize your potential and fulfill your desires.

When you feel connected to your environment and people, then you feel that you are not a separate entity that is cut off from the rest of the world. You can sense that the world is full of energy that holds everyone and every planet together, but not only the planet, this energy is the source of unlimited power for the entire universe (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success ).

When you feel this connect and you realize that you are not just a human being, but an important part of complex nature, then you may come to know that your true self has no limitations. By feeding the right power inside you, you can achieve anything you want. Be it wealth or success or spiritual development, but in order to connect with yourself you have to destroy your ego (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

When your ego is high then your connection with yourself ends and this is the end of potential energy. Fortunately, by doing silent meditation, you can reconnect with yourself at any time. To do this, focus your meditation calmly and observe your thoughts without judgment. Slowly you will become peaceful and your mind and body will be calm then this will also eliminate your ego and you will allow yourself to reconnect (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

How to apply the law of pure potentiality –

In this law the author is telling you to remain silent for some time like you should give some time to yourself like sitting alone for 30 minutes in the morning and also 30 minutes in the evening to see nature, of every living things. Intelligence has to be seen, you have to feel the nature and watch the sunset, go out and see the ocean, smell the fragrance of the flowers, feel the freshness of the grass (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

You should connect yourself with nature, and you should do this every morning. Start your days by saying that I will not judge anything today (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Give rule

Have you ever noticed that the more you give, the more you receive? The author says that this happens because our mind and body are constantly in the mode of giving and receiving from the universe.

To create, to love, to grow, and to maintain this flow, don't stop giving and keep it flowing like blood keeps flowing. The more we give, the more we get involved in the energy circulation of the universe. And equally we get back in the form of love, material things, advance profit experience. Money circulates all over the world, but what you give is what you get.

If you are giving, then you should give happily. If you want to be blessed, then silently bless people with your positive thoughts. If you do not have money then you provide service. We can never be limited in giving because the true nature of human being is abundance. Nature provides us only what we need and the state of pure potential provides us with the intelligence and creativity to produce more.

Like if you have a big savings account then you get equal praise from your partner. But instead of saving, a better way of success is to keep money flowing in the world. Holding money disturbs the flow of money in the universe and also disturbs the flow of giving and taking.

In fact, the word currency in Latin root means to circulate and flow. This shows that the ancient Greek and Roman civilization understood that there should be a flow for money, society and people to grow. This is the reason why investments are more profitable than saving.

For example, you earn minimum wage in your life and you put most of that paycheck in the bank. Even then your account balance will increase but you will not get rich. But if you continue to invest in your education and take the right classes, you can at least become the CEO of your business. If you invest wisely in education then more than that comes back to you which is more amount than lifetime savings.

This law of giving and receiving does not only apply to money, whereas it applies to love, friendship, support and all those things that we exchange socially. If you use this social currency to give to others, you will get a reward. The more love people give in a society, the more love they can share with others and grow continuously. But in general it works when everyone is prepared to give and receive (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

For example, most people want a partner who loves and takes care of them. But many of them forget that giving love and caring is also necessary in a relationship. If everyone only focused on receiving love and didn't believe in giving it, we would all be lonely and unhappy (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

How to apply the law of giving:

Just promise yourself that today when I go out I will definitely give something to any person I am going to meet, I will give them happiness, love. I will increase the happiness in my life and also increase the happiness of others.

You should also promise yourself that when you go out, I will also receive gifts from nature. I will feel the fresh air, I will watch the sunset, listen to the birds and sing with them, and I will smile at others who smile at me, I will receive gifts from nature (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Whatever gifts you get whether it is materialistic or nature related or whether it is a compliment, all those gifts should be accepted. You have to promise yourself to keep circulating your wealth by receiving and giving the most precious gifts of life like love, care, affection, support, appreciation. Whenever I meet someone, I will silently pray for happiness in their life (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Karma and the law of cause and effect

We all know about slogans like – “Just Do It”, “live the moment” – they tell us to grab the opportunities. But in order to take real advantage of life in real, it is important to consider what is the most beneficial choice while making a decision. It means being aware of your choice making.

After all we make choices all the time. Many times we are doing this without knowing it. In fact, most of our choices are unconscious. For example, when you go shopping, you consume a lot of junk food without realizing that it affects your health and the environment, and unfortunately this is our unconscious behavior (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success). .

So to make a good choice, pause your action and see what effect they have on you and other people. How can you kick your junk food buying habit? For this first see your budget and then choose those products which are beneficial for your health and will cause least harm to other people, animals and environment during the production process (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

To make good choices every day in your life, you have to choose actions that will bring happiness and goodwill to others, and in some cases the choice may seem very obvious.

In other cases some choices can be tough. If someone insults you then you have 2 choices- first you can be hurt by his behavior and take revenge or secondly you can deny that you have been affected. By choosing the second option, you control your emotion and treat others the way you want.

How to apply the principle of “karma” or cause and effect:

Whenever you have to choose, then you should ask yourself 2 questions. First what will be the consequences of that choice? And second, will this choice bring happiness to both me and those who will be affected by this choice? This guidance will enable you to make the right choices for yourself and others (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

The author says that every action is a source of energy, which can be returned to us at any moment of our life, as you say "as you do, so shall you come". For example, if you do something wrong, then karma will affect you. If you behave well or help someone, then karma will also do good to you (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

If we give fruits or give happiness to someone, we will also get it back. That's why whatever decision and choice you make, always take it after understanding it, always ask yourself before doing anything, will it be good for you or good for the people around you? Will my action make others comfortable or uncomfortable?

That's why always keep in mind while taking your actions and decisions that it will not only bring happiness in your and your loved ones life but it should also be kept in mind that no one should be affected by your decisions and choices because Karma comes back.

Rule of least efforts

People spend too much of their time worrying about the circumstances they find themselves in. For example, a person can be irritable without a partner, but when he comes into a relationship, then new problems arise. Is this relationship limiting her freedom? Is she really in love?

Thankfully there is a solution to the irritation. You can accept your current situation in a simple way. For example, you might be with a roommate who is very difficult, never cleans up, and gets angry with you whenever the place is dirty. This is a very tricky situation, you can think of changing the room, but doing so will take time and money, so what is the best solution to solve this issue?

The answer is- Never fight with the problem, instead face it and accept it. You always learn something from a difficult lesson and those who make life difficult teach you something. The lesson in this case may be to stand up for yourself and learn how to be less affected by the actions of others. You can learn and grow only by accepting the situation.

You can take this acceptance a step further and conserve energy by practicing defenselessness. It means getting rid of those desires and needs where you make others believe that you are right and they are wrong. Defenselessness means in which both parties share their thoughts, without any argument and without thinking that someone will judge their feelings (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Here the author says that nature's intelligence functions work effortlessly. It works with love, affection, carelessness and when we work with full force with love, affection and joy then we can find success and good fortune effortlessly (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

How to apply less efforts:

Here the author says that you should practice acceptance. Means you should accept people's situation, situations and events as they are, because after going through everything I will understand that we should be as we are in this moment, because the whole universe is like this and it has to be like this. needed. That's why I will not struggle in the present moment, I will accept this moment as it is and accept it completely (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

The author says that by accepting the situation one should also take responsibility for it and here responsibility does not mean blaming others. You have to understand that every problem also has hidden opportunities which you have to accept and we have to make changes to make it better and better (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Law of Intentions and Desires

This rule is the most complex and also the most powerful, attractive and mysterious. The author explains that the tree has only one single purpose, laying roots, growing, photosynthesis, the intelligence of the human nervous system also actually shapes the mind and helps in achieving the law desires of nature. This happens through a process of attention and intention (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

You can improve your quality of life by mixing positive intentions in your thinking. When positivity comes into your mind, that potential energy is part of the uncertainty that rules the universe. So by introducing any intention or thought in this field, you affect the universe around you (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Suppose you want a beautiful house but every time you think negatively about it, your emotions are full of dislike for your current house and you think that you will never have (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success) a new house. There won't be enough money for that. When you do this you give negative energy to the universe, and naturally the result is that the universe will never give you positive energy (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

So instead, accept and be grateful for the home that you have and visualize the changes that can make your living situation better. The Universe will pick up on your positive thoughts and turn them into reality. To convert those desires into reality, you have to pay full attention (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

For example, if you are not satisfied with your job, you will have negative thoughts about it and you will not feel good. You have to pay constant attention to your attention every day and replace those negative patterns with positive patterns (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

How to apply the Law of Intentions and Desires:

We should leave this wish list to the creator, trusting that when things don't go our way, there is a reason the universe has created for me that is bigger than my wish. Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Here the author says that every intention should be deeply involved and desire is the mechanics to fulfill it, the author says that you have to make a list of your desires which you should see all the time, whenever you are on your silent therapy. Before that one should see (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

You have to see before sleeping and after waking up, but things are not turning up in your way, then you should not feel depressed, maybe there is a reason for your things not happening, you should always trust your things. One has to believe, accept the present moment and work for the future with good intentions and will (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Detachment rule

Although you may have an intention, you should end your attachment to it before it becomes clear. We may be focused on one point but if we are attached to a specific result then that thing may be the cause of fear and insecurity over the possibility of non-fulfillment (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

The author believes that only because of detachment can a person be happy. Then you create the symbol of wealth instantly and effortlessly. Without detachment we become prisoners of hopelessness, helplessness, social needs, unimportant things, depression and seriousness (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Poverty and consciousness exist in the life of every mediocre. We feel that we should solve the problem without detachment (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success). With detachment we can freely see the perfect solution and only then we come out of the mess and chaos of things (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

It is only when you separate yourself from your desire and connect with the field of energy and this is the true nature of the universe that it alone has the power to turn our desire into reality (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success). .

The author is telling you to be committed with detachment, you should allow yourself that the people around you should also have the same freedom in which you are. Never impose power on your decisions and ideas. You should not force your own solution for the problem which creates more problems, you should commit yourself that yes you will participate in everything but with detached involvement (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

The only way you can achieve real security is to identify your true self. After knowing one's true nature, the fear of dying will also vanish. Body and mind will dissolve and your true self will remain in the field of energy which will give birth to new life in the universe.

How to implement the rule of detachment:

We must commit ourselves to the detachment. We have to give ourselves and others the freedom to live as we live. We should never impose our ideas, things should be kept as they are. We should not impose solutions on problems because that creates more problems (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success). We should participate in everything with detachment. When we step into all possibility, we experience all the fun, adventure, magic and mystery of life (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Law of religion

All human beings want to shine, but just like every star has its rightful place in the night sky, similarly every human being should find his rightful place on earth. By doing this and helping others find their rightful place, people will grow and have purpose in life (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

So don't ask what the universe can do for you, but ask what you can do for the universe. Suppose you always had a dream of becoming an artist. Well it is a very good profession and you admire such a special kind of talent that creates art, inspires people and makes them happy and intelligent. But the truth is that not all are artistically talented and if this is the case with you, you may be sad or depressed and may also feel that you have not contributed anything to the society (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

But don't be depressed. Instead of holding on to your dreams, be honest with yourself and find the truth within yourself that can be of benefit to others (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success). While a creative person would probably make a good artist and designer, a kind person could make a good doctor and nurse. Never think that you are too late to find your purpose in life, but connect yourself to the source of the endless energy of the universe (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Now you must be wondering whether your current job is truly contributing to the welfare of humanity and the planet. A good way to figure it out is when you find the right work, you also get endless sources of energy to complete that work (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

This is the feeling when you align with the plan of the universe which was your destiny all along. Universe starts supporting you and provides the energy you need which explains how people can do their work comfortably and happily for long hours where other people feel tired after working only a few hours. Let's do (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

How can apply the rule of religion:

Here the author tells everyone that every person has some purpose in his life, he has some kind of gifts and talent to give to other people and when we mix this unique talent with service In which we should give (kindness, help, support) to others then we feel emotions, experience and our soul will feel happy and our spirit will feel winner and this is the ultimate goal of every one in the whole world and universe. (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).


If you look at any cell of the human body, you will see the expressions of these laws in the functioning of these cells. Every cell, be it stomach cell, heart cell, brain cell, all are born in pure potential law only. DNA is a perfect example of pure potentiality, rather it is a material expression of pure potential. The same DNA exists in all cells in different ways which fulfills the unique requirement of each cell (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

Every cell works through the giving law. A cell is alive and healthy only when it is in a state of balance and equilibrium. The law of Karma is beautifully executed through every cell because it is built in intelligence which gives the most appropriate and correct response to every situation. The law of least effort is also executed by every cell in the body which makes work efficient even in restful times (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

The intention of each cell, through the law of intention and desire, uses the intelligence of nature to organize itself. Every cell expresses the law of detachment (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

It remains detached from the intention of the coming outcome, each cell also expresses the law of Dharma. Every cell must discover its source and higher self, serve its fellows and express its unique talent. Heart cell, stomach cell and immune cell all have their own source in the higher self, which is a field of pure potentiality (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success).

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