Story of Superstars in Schools:Puneeth Rajkumar's story to be taught in Karnataka schools

Story of Superstars in Schools:Puneeth Rajkumar's story to be taught in Karnataka schools

 School children in Karnataka will now be taught the story of Kannada superstar Puneeth Rajkumar. The Karnataka government is considering this. Several NGO organizations and individuals have written to the Education Department of Bengaluru Municipal Corporation (BBMP) urging the government to include a chapter on Puneet's life in the textbooks of class IV or fifth students. On which Education Minister BC Nagesh has asked the government to take a decision after considering it. In fact, it is being considered to do so to encourage philanthropic activities among children.

Puneet used to run orphanage, old age ashram

In the year 2019, there was an outbreak of floods in North Karnataka. At that time also actor Puneeth came forward to help BS Yediyurappa. He then donated Rs 5 lakh to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund of Karnataka. Along with this, Puneet used to cooperate in the operation of 26 orphan ashrams and 16 old age ashrams as well as 19 gaushalas. Puneeth was also instrumental in running several Kannada speaking schools.

Used to run ashram together with mother

Puneet along with his mother also used to run an ashram named Shaktidham in Mysore. Through this ashram, he used to arrange resources for the education of thousands of girls. It is a charitable organization. Work has also been done in this organization to help rape victims, campaign against human trafficking, against prostitution. According to an estimate, about 4,000 women have benefited from here so far.

Punit was of philanthropic nature

Every section of the society was included in the fans of Puneet. Puneet was of philanthropic nature. He was always ready to help the needy. The biggest feature of Puneet was that he never publicized the noble deeds he had done. He used to help social organizations openly. When the country was battling the Corona epidemic, he donated 50 lakh rupees as a support. He gave this money to the Relief Fund of the Government of Karnataka.

The then CM BS Yediyurappa had praised

Not only financial help, but Puneet also took an active part in the awareness campaign against Corona. From 2020 to 2021, he was a participant in many awareness programs about Corona. Puneeth's contribution to the society was also appreciated by the then Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa. Then he tweeted from the official handle and told about the work done in the public welfare of Puneet. This tweet was done on 31 March 2020

died of heart attack

Puneet passed away on October 29 last year following a heart attack. He is survived by wife Ashwini Puneet Rajkumar and two daughters. His last film 'James' was released on March 17 which got a great opening at the box office.

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