Scene from the movie Sholay Wala in Raipur:After quarreling with his wife, the husband cut his hand, then climbed on the tank; Said - I will know if I die

 Actor Dharmendra climbs on a water tank in the film Sholay. Everyone remembers this scene. They threaten to kill. A similar scene was created in Raipur, but due to this the tension of the people of the locality and the family of a young man had increased. Dharmendra's character in the film was doing this in the love of Basanti and a man from Raipur got angry with his wife and went to the water tank. After the hard work of the police, the man was brought down from the roof.

A person named Khubiram Sahu lives in New Rajendra Nagar. In an intoxicated state, he climbed on the water tank. Threatened to jump down from the top of his 3-storey house. The people around immediately informed the police about this. The police team of New Rajendra Nagar police station reached the spot and started trying to bring down Khuti by engaging in talks.

If I die, I will know
that the station in-charge Rajesh Devdas told that he started talking well. He asked what was the problem, because of which he wanted to kill. We will help to solve that problem, talk to the family members. Khuti replied that I will know when I die. After this, Inspector Devdas sent some people of his team up from the back of the house and immediately Khubvi was nabbed and brought down. He had also cut off his hand. He was immediately sent to the hospital and was brought to the police station for questioning.

Wanted to give life after being angry with his wife
, after being brought to the police station for about one and a half hours, when Khubiram was brought to the police station and interrogated, it was found that his wife returned from the village two days ago and after returning started quarreling with her. . Khubiram got angry after drinking alcohol, he cut his hand with a knife kept in the kitchen and started threatening to die by going to the terrace. Now the police have also explained to the family members of Khuti so that such an incident does not happen again. Due to this action, preventive action has been taken against Khubali.

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