Ran to get the toy, death has come:3-year-old innocent was playing with elder sister in Indore, fell on the road due to no railing in the balcony

 A 3-year-old girl died after falling from the balcony of the first floor in a sports game in Indore. She was playing in the room with her sister. Then his toy fell down. The girl ran to get him. But there was no railing in the balcony outside the room. Due to which she fell straight down on the road. Neighbors picked him up and took him to the hospital. He died here late in the night. The incident is of Kushwaha Nagar under Banganga police station area. The name of the deceased girl is Dolly Nayak.

The mother had gone to take a bath, suddenly the acciden happened due to slipping of her feet,

the sister of the deceased girl, Chanchal, told that mother Jyoti had gone to take a bath. During this both the sisters were playing outside. From the room, Dolly ran towards the balcony. Then suddenly her foot slipped and she fell on the ground on her head. Because of this, there was a fracture in the bone of Dolly's head. His face had turned completely blue on one side. According to the police, the situation will be clear after the post-mortem.

Family is a resident of Ujjain,
Dolly's father Jeevan is an artisan and wife Jyoti is a housewife. Jeevan is originally from Ujjain. According to the family, after the post-mortem, the last rites of the girl were performed on Chakratirth in Ujjain.

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