Aamir Khan on The Kashmir Files said:Every Indian must watch this movie; What happened to Kashmiri Pandits is very sad.

 The film 'The Kashmir Files', directed by Vivek Agnihotri, is making a big splash at the box office. In a recent interview, Aamir Khan talked about 'The Kashmir Files' and said that he will definitely watch this film. He also said that every Indian should watch this film, as it is based on a tragic incident..

Aamir Khan on The Kashmir Files said:Every Indian must watch this movie; What happened to Kashmiri Pandits is very sad.

Aamir said - every Hindustani should watch the film
When Aamir was asked whether he had seen 'The Kashmir Files', in response he said, "I will definitely watch Kashmir Files, because they are such a part of our history, that Our heart is sad.What happened to Kashmiri Pandits is definitely very sad and such a film which has been made on that topic should definitely be seen by every Indian and every Indian should remember that when a human being was oppressed. If so, what happens to it?"

Aamir is happy to see the success of the film.
Aamir further said, "This film has touched the sentiments of all those who believe in humanity. I will definitely watch this film and I am happy to see that the film is becoming successful." "

The audience has a passion to watch the film,
'The Kashmir Files', made at a cost of about 12 crores, is the first such Bollywood film, whose business is continuously seeing a jump of 10 to 20%. Not only this, on the first day, the film got only 600 screens across the country. Later, considering the audience's passion for the film, the screen count was increased from 600 to 2,000 in the first week. Now it is being told that from the beginning of the second week, the screen count for the film has been increased to more than 4 thousand.

The film is getting positive reviews from both the critics-audience
, this film on Kashmiri Pandits is getting positive reviews from both the critics and the audience. Apart from Anupam Kher, actors like Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi Joshi, Prakash Belavadi, Darshan Kumar, Bhasha Sumbali, Puneet Issar are also seen in the lead role in this film, directed by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. This film is being discussed across the country.

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